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A Firelands Redux: A Raid Play in Two Acts

By fire be purged!

Ranico, our GM in Undying Resolution has decided it is on his personal Bucket List for Cata to get the Firelands raiding achievements, heroic kills, and mounts for as many of his raiders as are interested.  This meant gleefully kidnapping our 25man after we finished up earlier Thursday evening.  (Well, kidnapping may be harsh, because about 90% of the raid agreed to head on over.  So Thursday night everyone had a grand ol’ flashback to 4.2.

Laz and I on the other hand were a bit more in awe.  I had only been in Firelands for PUG trash runs and some really bad attempts on Shannox, as this was right before I quit raiding and moved off Eonar.  But Laz… he had never even stepped into Firelands, and even through in-game whispers, his awe was perceptible.  He raided during the original Molten Core days on his Hunter, and he admitted Firelands was quite memory provoking.

After running into raid’s end on Thursday night, Ranico mentioned finishing up on Friday night.  So Laz and I agreed to sign up and accompany them.

Be prepared for lots of achievements!

Thursday Night

Thursday night consisted of loltrash pulls (and over-pulls), Lord Rhyolith, Shannox, and Beth’tilac.  Some fun was had, some heroics were attempted, and some achievements were earned.

Raid Prep – Nom nom nom

Firelands? Check. Giant boss? Check.

Spiders. Why did it have to be spiders?

Friday Night

Friday night continued from the night before, and because of the strange current lock-out system, we could not do anymore heroics since we were 10man’ing.  Several earned the achievement on Alysrazor and we got the achievement for Baleroc as well as the one before Majordomo Staghelm.

And of course, the culmination of it all – Laz’s and my first Ragnaros (in Firelands) kill!

Birdie Turret

Alysra consumed by fire.

I am the Gatekeeper!

Begone from my realm, insects!

Minions of fire, purge the outsiders!

Fall to your knees, mortals! This ends now!

Stay tuned!  I am sure I will soon have more Firelands achievements to post, and hopefully a mount or two to show off!

~ Effy


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