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Effraeti’s Cataclysm Bucket List

With Diablo 3 due to release (finally!) next week, I am catching myself thinking hard on how a second game might affect my WoW time.  I still plan to be highly active in WoW, and also here.  In fact, there may be some D3 posts that will creep in, because developing a story for my character(s) will be important to me.  I will be sure to mark them accordingly to aid anyone not interested in D3.

Mostly, my thoughts are turning to what my WoW goals are before Mists of Pandaria.

Since Bucket Lists seem to be big in the blogosphere right now, I figured it was time for mine own.

Effy approves of this message.

Effraeti’s Cataclysm Bucket List

Blog Goals:

  • Finish the Descending Twilight series – This is high on my priority list, and what I would currently be working on if I were not writing this right now.  lol  Part 2 is almost complete – even though I believe I have stated that a few times already.  Part 3 is still sort of waiting on more responses from my guildies.  :/  I may scrap the idea I originally had, and go with something similar but less outside influence dependent.  (For those interested, see Part 1 here.)
  • The World of Warcraft Origin Series – Perhaps tipping my hat to this grandiose idea I am currently bouncing around will get me off my butt!  The idea is a chunk of evolution and origin related lore that spans all the races of WoW.  Currently, I am looking at nine parts.  Yup, a huge undertaking for me, and one I would like to complete before MoP.
  • Transmog – Continuing my current course of weekly transmogs (AKA Outfit Friday) is pretty important to me.  So do not expect this to fall to the wayside due to other goals.

WoW Goals:

  • Miehiu – My biggest in-game goal is to get my second Shaman, Miehiu, to Level 85.  Getting her raid-ready is completely secondary, as she will not be my main raider until she is a Pandaren.  So gearing her in Cataclysm is an “If I have the time” kind of goal, though, I would love to alt raid with her.  Similarly, leveling Effraeti to 90 will still probably be important to me in MoP, so I can alt raid with her.
  • Assist Laz in his second Level 85 – This is on hold until Laz actually decides what toon this is.  It sounds like it is a hard decision for him between his Hunter, Mage, and Shaman.  It is also my goal to assist him in anyway I can to level a possibly new main for MoP.  We shall see.
  • Kill Deathwing on Heroic – This is a goal of mine, since Laz and I did not see a Heroic Lich King kill before Cataclysm came out.  But this is a goal I am more interested in the journey to then the actual end goal.  I will be proud of my guild either way, as I have already seen more current-content Heroic bosses fall then I have previously.

Seems like a pretty short list, but all are pretty solid undertakings.  And who knows?  I may have some more to add to it before Mists.

~ Effy


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