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D3: Beyond Beta

Above is a screenshot of what you would see upon killing the Skeleton King in the Beta.  You could play through Act 1 as many times as you wanted, but once the Skeleton King died – you basically “beat the game.”  (I have been wanting to post that screenshot, but I made myself wait until Beta was officially and unofficially over, as not to be a spoiler.)

So imagine the excitement that Laz and I experienced upon killing the Skeleton King and being greeted instead with a glowy blue portal in the back of the throne!  <dance in elation>

Unfortunately, that was at 6:30am yesterday morning.  And as accomplishing as it felt to kill SK in the small amount of play time we had between release, an hour and fifteen minutes of getting into game, and running through the campaign until we both had to get ready for work, we really wanted to push past that stopping point!

Needless to say, after getting up at 2:30am for launch and just wanting to go home and play Diablo 3, yesterday was a long day!  I expect today will be even longer, as today is Laz’s and my Friday!  Woohoo!

We had a shortened Firelands run last night, and I will be honest – this week, I am glad, as I really want to see more of the Diablo storyline.  (Just give me one week to get all this newness out of my system!  lol)  So about 10pm last night, Laz and I jumped back into D3.

Laz’s Barbarian is pretty OP, especially when you add in that all except one yellow item that dropped yesterday was Strength based.  lol  Lucky dork.  🙂  He is currently swinging two one-handers and playing with different abilities that I could not keep up on…

I was more interested in the abilities opening up on my Demon Hunter.  She is pretty incredible – snares, stuns, and lots of damage to throw around.  Currently, I have two very nice Holy damage one-hand crossbows and I have been working on stacking Dexterity and Attack Speed.  Whee!

I am still doing a lot of fiddling with my action buttons, though.  I am once more annoyed with the fact that although my mouse was advertised as 10-button, half those buttons are not bindable.  😦

Most exciting will be the ability to link the Armory for both our D3 characters!  Hrothgar, the Barbarian, and Ylenia, the Demon Hunter, are both anxious to introduce themselves to the world!

Currently, I am devising a storyline for Ylenia.  First, though, I need to do more Diablo lore research.  It might be time to download the books to my phone.  🙂

~ Effy

Parting Note: I have only a few thoughts to share on the QQ’s of D3 players yesterday over the slowness to get in initially and the few downtimes that were witnessed…  It was a launch.  Many of the people trying to get onto D3 yesterday have played other Blizzard games before, and so we have all witnessed hiccups.  It is the nature of MMOs.  Obviously, none of those people witnessed the opening of Star Trek Online – OMG, now that was painful.  Patience, I cannot stress it enough.  The game is awesome.  There will be many, many days of fun-filled carnage for Laz and myself, and I am sure for many, many others.  Most of the die hard Diablo fans have been waiting for a decade for this game!  Hasn’t that taught us all some patience?  Chill, and enjoy it as you can.  Things will smooth out.

In parting – Diablo feeds on the tears of QQ’ers!  Don’t feed the demons!

<The forces of evil have grown stronger!>



  1. WoW I can’t believe you got up so early to play… although I did do one of the midnight launches to buy BC when it came out. I was so excited when I received the sms saying that I could pick up Cata as soon as the stores opened (the day before it went live).

    Unfortunately, I only saw the sms after I arrived at work. Needless to say I left work, picked it up, went home, installed the game and then went back to work 😛 Luckily it was our start late, finish late day so they were none-the-wiser 😛

    • Actually, going to bed early Monday night was the hardest part. lol Laz and I aimed for 8:30pm, which turned more into 9:30pm. Which surprised me, because I was dead on my feet when I got home Monday night – no caffeine except my morning cup of coffee. Luckily, I think I maintained my normal cheerfulness, somehow. 😉

      It was like going to bed on Christmas Eve when I was a kid. hehe

      ~ Effy

  2. That lucky Laz, everything that’s dropped for my barbarian so far has had dexterity or intellect, no strength!

    • Blizz seems to think my Monk needs bows. Lots and lots of bows. Oh, and arrows. *sigh* I bet if I roll a demon hunter nothing but fist weapons will drop for her.

      • If you get any one-hand crossbows, hang on to them! I am having to buy them for lots of gold off the merchants at the moment. :/ Otherwise, my Blacksmithing would be higher.

        ~ Effy

    • Yah, so far, all my yellow drops have gone to Laz. :/ lol

      ~ Effy

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