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The Lament of the Healer DPS

Let me preface this post by first stating: I love my guild and my guildies and I respect my GM and his officers and all their decisions on raid composition.

Now that I have that out: I hate DPS’ing in healer gear!

Some Background

My Shaman has always been my main and my main raider on WoW, and she has always been Resto.

As a tier ages and progresses, she inevitably begins collecting offspec gear at some point – Elemental offspec gear, since this is easiest to fudge if I do not have a full set (hard to fudge Intellect to Agility).  Add to this the Spirit-to-Hit conversion for hybrids, and I can DPS the occasional dungeon or farm and do dailies solo with little issue.  Even the current primary stats between Resto and Ele mostly work in my favor.

The only thing I cannot fudge between healer and DPS?  Trinkets and Tier Token pieces.

Trinkets specific to healing spells – not so helpful while casting all damaging spells.

I am currently using Windward Heart (wow, I really need to upgrade that thing!  lol) and Seal of the Seven Signs.  Yah, the Intellect is great, but the Equip value on both is useless to DPS’ing.  Add to this, I am pretty sure I vendored my Foul Gift.  <sigh>

Resto spec Tier Token pieces and set bonuses – laughable while in Ele spec.

What a noob!

The only saving grace is that I have recently acquired three Tier Tokens that were destined for the vendor otherwise.  Though, I am still looking pretty nub sporting my Resto chestpiece.

Why I am Torturing Myself About DPS Gear?

Raid healers are usually a pretty stable lot and I am used to seeing healer groups that seldom vary in composition, in my personal raiding experience, and therefore it is very uncommon for me to see healers asked to DPS.  I find it more common to see the occasional DPS switch to heals, especially when there is a progressive and/or Heroic boss involved.

Enter the recent oddity – attendance fluctuations in our healing core and the addition of some new blood to the team.  So lately it seems a delicate dance between too many and too few healers.

Yah yah, getting on to the end of the expansion and all that, but we are still progressing.  4/8 Heroic – woot!  Quite an accomplishment for a 25man these days… and still progressing!

So lately, there has been the need for healers and DPS to step up and offer to assist in positions they are less familiar with – and less geared for.

Lately, this healer turned DPS is usually me.

Thankfully the officers of Undying Resolution have a specific term for someone switching from heals to DPS in a crunch – the Healer DPS.  And thankfully there is a very minimal amount of expectation to fill the requirements of this position.  (Thank goodness!  Since I am way over Hit Cap and still using mostly Resto gear!)

Depressingly enough, staying alive and managing 20k DPS is apparently about the limit of this expectation, since this is where I generally sit of late.

So.  Utterly.  Embarrassing.

How disorienting to suddenly change my point of view and expected duties at this point in the content.  I am lucky to not screw up the Fading Twilight.  ><  I have never even seen this warning/debuff flash on me as a healer!

But as uncomfortable as the whole thing makes me, I will do my duty, and ultimately lament to you all.

Well, and research where I can improve, as well as try and upgrade some of my lacking pieces – though with the number of Heroics we are doing lately, this is becoming increasingly more difficult.

~ Effy



  1. I have made many million complaints about being offspec DPS when I am a healer. I LOVE healing. I don’t particularly LIKE DPSing. Though, unlike you who stalwartly battle on and proudly carry the flag, I am very sensitive to comments about “Well, Navi’s DPS is pretty piss poor, I could do better DPS…”
    Not that many people say that, only one person does. And I only DPS for one fight, and that is Ultraxion where we don’t need 3 healers. I hate how I am at the bottom, which is where I should be when pure DPS are in the group. I hate how people look at my numbers when I’m trying my best. I hate being feral because I need to carry a whole new set of gear and feral is the only way to survive an hour of twilight. I don’t like people thinking well, we could get this fight if we had better DPS and maybe we should substitute someone… well, I am a healer, I pour my heart and soul into healing Zon’ozz, spine, madness, and you tell me that I should sit out?

    OK rant over. I think reading your post hit a nerve in me 🙂

    Grats on 4/8 heroic! Gosh I wish I could do 25 mans, maybe the days will come back when Mists comes out and we have more recruits and old players coming back. It is embarrassing to be at the bottom when you’re normally at the top of a chart. I hate that so much. Maybe Mists is trying to change the whole offspec thing and allowing healers to do a bit of DPS so they don’t have to be left out for difficult boss fights… actually I hadn’t even thought of that till just now. Idea for post.

    Sorry for cluttering your comments Effy!

    • This really concerns me…and maybe I should keep my big mouth shut but if anyone is complaining over numbers it shows immaturity. I am wearing a big angry red rage skull over my head today though.

      • I agree with Matty here. You are a main spec healer, and no one should expect that you are flawlessly awesome at multiple specs. I think seeing a fight from different angles helps me as a healer, but I feel that is why I have alts. Effy is a healer, period. I hardly even solo with her, simply because in my mind, she is a healer and her place is in a group healing.

        I guess the whole numbers thing is what set me off to begin with, but I agree with you, Matty – everyone should be concerned more with what they are doing right and wrong, and less about what I am doing. DPS and HPS numbers are so overrated, IMO, because I would prefer to see someone stay alive than to do big numbers and die cuz they were not bothering to watch their health or their feet or what the boss was doing.

        But an update: second week of DPS’ing Ultraxion, and this time with no deaths. Still crappy DPS, but no one had to brez my azz.

        ~ Effy

    • Nah, you can clutter my comments anytime, hun! 😉 Consider me your available ranting ear.

      I totally agree with you – trying to swap your entire mentality as far boss mechanics go REALLY sucks. Not to mention, without trying to toot my own horn, I consider myself a good healer (far better than I am a DPS!) and as our only Resto Shaman, I feel I bring an important toolset.

      ~ Effy

      • I agree, and I don’t think you’re touting your horn – otherwise you and I would both be big headed asses because I also think I’m a good healer and it just pains me to see myself being the worst at something – even if everyone says it’s ok nobody expects you to outDPS a normal DPSer but STILL!!!

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