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D3: I Have Dyed and Gone to Heaven!

My longest gaming experience prior to WoW was Dark Age of Camelot.  I really enjoyed all of my time with that game, and I do still miss it sometimes (but not enough to pay a monthly fee anymore!).

One thing that always tickled my fancy in DAoC (and hit me hard in the pocketbook) was armor dye!  I would regularly re-dye the armor of all my toons, depending on my mood.  Sometimes it was to match my guild tabard, sometimes it was more for a personal look.  (That usually meant pink.)

A similar dying experience was had in Guild Wars.  I was always color coordinated on my toons.

In fact, with transmog now so popular (and even before trangsmog was ever introduced) I have thought dyes would be a great thing for WoW.

So imagine my surprise and wonder when Laz called my attention to the merchant in New Tristram.  After several levels of progression, suddenly one of the merchants in New Tristram had armor dye!  <dance>

So of course, I had dye everything!  And look, I got achievements!

From the merchant I came across, there was:

I am not sure if these are level based or if they change with game sessions like the armor available on the merchants.  I only saw them the once before finishing up Act 1.  So far, no dye available in the town of Act 2.

But I am most excited to see when and where the other colors will become available.  At 360 gold a pop, these are currently reasonable, but we will see for more fashionable dyes, such as black and red and pink.  🙂

~ Effy

Hrothgar and Ylenia all prettier up.



  1. OH! OH! I must login and visit the vendors! I love dye, I think it was Rift where I had to try each color to see which I liked best. Got to go!

    • Hehe Have fun! I know I am. Trying to keep myself from blowing 1k a pop on red dye. 😛

      ~ Effy

  2. Nice. I need to remember this when I log in tomorrow. I love this idea and wish it was in WoW too, as well as some other things to let us look a little more different.

    • Agreed. Though, in WoW, different sets have certain recolors. So I am not 100% sure how dye would work in that situation. But for me, it is all about customization and looking like me and not a carbon-copy of everyone else. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  3. Ooh achievements!

    • Yah, Diablo 3 has lots and lots of achievements! You should see all the achievement spam from RealID. lol I think you would like D3 for that and other reasons. 😀 I am still surprised you are not playing it at all.

      ~ Effy

  4. I love the dye! I have also found an aqua blue, in the act 2 town, in the section that is almost like an instance? There is a merchant there who sells dye in the upper left corner!

    • Yup, the start of Nightmare has a few more: red and tan so far.

      ~ Effy

      • Yes, once I found the red and purple I was able to get the achievement for having all my stuff dyed different colors! 🙂

      • Yah, the randomness of dyes on merchants is mildly disorienting. I dyed my Demon Hunter pink, and then got a new piece to go back to town and find out he no longer had pink dye. :/ But she is all pink now!

        Grats on the dye achievement! 😀

        ~ Effy


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