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Now Recruiting Bloggers?

So while I was adding our newest guildie’s blog to my Blogroll (Finalflame’s Noxious Stings), I had the most amusing thought.  I know, with me, who knows what kind of crazy crackpot idea it could be this time!

Do I have everyone’s attention now?

I have always been aware that Undying Resolution seems to have more than its share of WoW Bloggers (no complaints here!) and that number seems ever growing since I became a member back in November.  In fact, I am a Blogger recruited by a Blogger.  lol

So the more I think about it, the more I wonder if we have been recruiting all wrong all this time!

Yes, we are recruiting for raiders.  Fully staffing a 25man raiding guild is a daunting notion, especially with the endangered status of the 25man raiding guild.  Ours however seems pretty stable for such a big roster, but everyone has RL stuff sometimes.  (Damn that RL stuff!)

Perhaps rather than just advertising for raiders, for DPS, for Warlocks or Mages or some other class… why not advertise we are recruiting Blogging raiders!?  Moar Bloggers!

Please no whispers or emailed guild applications, as I am merely a peon!  Albeit, an opinionated and outspoken peon.

In fact, this message is in no conjunction with any organized or actual Undying Resolution recruitment, just the random thoughts of a Blogger in the WoW community.  🙂

~ Effy

Parting Note to Ancient’s dogs: Yes, Ender has been walked.  Feel free to obsessively harass me about this again tomorrow, puppies.  😉



  1. I will report to my dog masters that the deed has been done!

  2. OMG you can only be recruited if you blog? Harsh Effy, harsh! I mean you have to play well AND write well? Geez! 😀

    • Well hey… you and I do it, eh? 😉

      ~ Effy

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