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Letting Off Steam

By warned, my foul mood is likely to be reflected in the tone of this post.  So my advance apologies.

Let me start by saying that I love raiding and I am serious about raiding.  I want 8/8 Heroic!  I bring my best to every raid and I work outside of raid to make sure I am prepared.

To me, this means ensuring:

  • I have “just in case” food and flasks on Effy.  Because even though food and flasks are provided, I sometimes die or miss those laid down and I find it silly and wasteful to drop a whole new one for one or two people.
  • I have gemmed and enchanted any upgrades.  And even though this is provided by the guild, I usually do it myself out of pure convenience since I usually have the mats and professions available to me.
  • I know the fights.  I am a learner by doing, but I still watch the videos and read through the boss abilities and find healing strats for particularly challenging fights – ie. Heroic Yor’sahj.
  • I show up and I show up on time.  To me, “on time” means at least fifteen minutes prior, and BEFORE raid invites start going out.  And I dare say my raiding attendance is impeccable.
  • I do my part.  This means healing to my fullest, managing my own mana, maintaining my own buffs, and timing my CD’s appropriately (unless it is specifically asked of me at a specific time).

So anything that I do outside of this time of raiding and raiding prep period is my own.  I devote more than the six hours of raiding time per week to my raiding toon.  What I do beyond that is my own prerogative – whether it is time spent in WoW, in another game, or elsewhere not computer related.

To feel I am being told I am doing less than is expected of me beyond that point is infuriating.

I am a Restoration Shaman.  As a class, I have accepted that my best performance is during progression – that as the raid’s performance improves, mine will actually go down.  This is the mechanic of my Mastery.  I best heal people who are almost dead.  So as we switch to farm, I become less efficient.

I accept this, and I will defend this point.

I am also playing a class that has seen little to no change since 4.3.  If my class changes, I will know, as I watch those things – patch notes and the blogs of other Resto Shaman I look up to.  But if no changes are present, I am spec’d and stat’d and geared to the furthest performance and availability of my Shaman.

So what is there to research when I know how best to accomplish these things at the present time?

On another note, one of my biggest pet peeves?  Passive aggression.  If you have something to say, say it.  This is probably why I am such a blunt and direct person, because beating around the bush annoys the crap out of me.  Having someone bemoan something because they want something else – out with it!  Say it already!  I am not a mind reader, and if you expect me to I am more likely to blow up then be understanding.

<deep breath>

~ Effy

P.S. = Sure, it is very likely nothing was aimed at me in particular, but when general statements are made, I feel they include me and therefore I have opinions and statements of defense.  😛  Once again, sorry for the tirade!



  1. Avi

    Oh yipes… big hugs for you. I don’t even have the words – I’m kinda annoyed just reading that. ❤

    • I am sure I said way too much lol but thanks for the support *hugs*

      ~ Effy

  2. That’s crazy, it’s like expecting you to quit your job as it’s interfering. You keep kicking those demon’s butts!

    • Yay! The craziest thing is, Laz and I were just discussing since the initial OMGOMGOMG D3 is wearing off, we can pull back there and better divide our time between both games again. heh

      Inferno is serious, yo! And I imagine we will be there for quite a while!

      ~ Effy

  3. fivequarters

    I understand where you are coming from; I once had someone make an off-hand comment about how “people should be prepared and properly reforged/enchanted before raids” and I immediately started thinking “But I do that already!” (as if it was pointed at me). I think sometimes snarky comments, whether generalized or not, are a result of frustration during a lull in progress (note: I know nothing about your raiding group!).

    What you’re describing as performance level is about what our core raiders do week to week – although we do have the guild supply cauldrons and fish feasts, though people pitch in for those as much as possible (although one person does most of the farming!! she’s awesome 😀 ). At that point, I’d just be like “What ELSE do you expect of me?!!”

    • I totally agree, and you are probably right. Raiding and lack of progression have been proving stressful, and to suddenly feel I was being seen as not doing my part was icing on the cake.

      Thanks for the well stated reply. I really appreciate it. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  4. I’m still in Nightmare, it’s taking longer than I expected with Cool. But were aren’t playing a whole lot either. I can understand where you’re coming from though. I actually wish more people had your raid philosophy of being prepared, etc. But hopefully by the time you read this, things will start to feel a little better for you.

    • Thanks, Cym. I am feeling better *hugs*

      As for progressing through Nightmare, I say take your time. Laz and I technically leveled too fast and we did not gear up well enough with our progression. So now we are hitting a wall and having to farm. Which is not bad, I expected to be working on Inferno for a while, but I would suggest gearing as you go.

      ~ Effy

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