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Flexing the Healer Epeen?


Okie, I am a healer, and I admit to checking my Skada and the WoL meters occasionally, but really the numbers seem to mean little in the long run:

  1. I am the only Resto Shaman in our 25man.  Who am I going to compare myself to?  The Priests?  The Pallies?  And please do not compare me to Juv!  😉
  2. Is not the healer philosophy “As long as everyone is alive, the healing team is doing there job”?

So I will be the first to admit, this makes zero sense to me: Effraeti’s Epeen

Are lower numbers better?

If those “DPS” numbers are really my HPS numbers, then I suppose it makes some sense, but those numbers sure seem low compared to what I usually see…

I understand I am lower than I would like to be on Heroic Yor’sahj, because I usually only have myself and two others to heal (the tank healer and the random fifth person in the tank group).

I understand I am lower than I would like to be on Heroic Hagara because the raid is spread way out most of the fight.  Hard to get a good Chain Heal or Healing Rain on enough people to make it worthwhile.  Frost phases are about all that save me in that fight.  heh

I understand I am lower than I would like to be on Heroic Morchok, because I only have half the raid to work with, and they are usually spread out for a fight I thought was about stacking.  :/  I am usually rubbing elbows with our bear tank, Ariano that whole fight.

Now Heroic Ultraxion is one of the fights I can really shine on.  (Ironic that it is the one I am usually asked to DPS.)  Everyone is stacked, so all my abilities are utilized to their fullest.  And of course, there is the awesome Ysera buff that only I seem to like.  Everyone else can bicker over the other buffs.  heh

I think my numbers are good…  Does anyone else know how to read this thing??

~ Effy



  1. Hrmm, I will have to investigate this tool. I tend to be all happy when my healing output is high…I mean…*coughs*….ok I’m a overzealous healing druid…but still I measure my success by getting though the encounter with minimal deaths, not by my epeen number!

    • Yah, I think judging healers on pure numbers is a load of horse crap. Especially when these “Epeen” numbers are not taking gear into account. Sure, maybe 75% of the Resto Shaman raiding base has more heroic gear than me. That is possible, too.

      Even lack of deaths, since the introduction of the Cataclysm version of “insta gibbing,” is not the best indicator. There are so many puddles of bad and buttons’o’insta death that are completely unhealable. Sure if you are anticipating a big “bad” phase, you can pre-heal, pre-CD, etc. But most deadly mechanics are one-shots and unavoidable. So if the raider does not correctly mitigate, there is nothing I can do to save them getting one-shot. So even 25 people still standing at the end of a fight is not the best heal team “win” indicator. It more means people mitigated and moved and hit buttons correctly.

      ~ Effy

  2. Avi

    Judging by the little Q&A thing, it tracks HPS for healers. and also:
    “The 50th percentile marks the middle ground and is where most players end up clustered. If you’re up higher at the 75th or 95th percentile, you can say with some reliability that you parse higher than 75 or 95% of the rest of the raiding population.”
    Of course, that doesn’t mean I really know what I’m reading… and it seems dependent upon WoL actually being updated (I know ours isn’t always for our raids, which sucks). So.. hm. very interesting. I might have to keep an eye on this!

    • So the percentiles are backwards from what I originally thought, and I am a worse healer than I think I am. lol

      ~ effy

  3. To be fair, we do take more healers than necessary for Heroic Ultraxion. When we 5-healed it, I was able to hit 68k HPS vs only usually hitting 45k HPS when we 6-heal. It’s harder to gauge healers in this regard because many raids choose to 4 and 5-heal encounters which increases those 4-5 healer’s overall HPS vs raids who run 6 healers or more.

    • I agree, this is another one of those things that skew healing numbers.

      Yor’sahj is a horrible example for me compare anything against. Not only am I stuck single target healing with no riptides or Healing Rain, but I am only assigned 3 people to heal, as opposed to the 5 most of our heal team receives. And one of those assignments is a Holy Pally who is healing himself while healing the tanks. lol

      ~ Effy

  4. AmoHeals

    This might be long..heh heh
    I didn’t seriously raid prior to joining UR last year…Initially, I was all about “whew my assignment lived.” Then as I got more into the research of things, I started looking at numbers. If I came in at the bottom, I freaked…Recently, though, I’ve come to see a balance between the two. There are fights, in this tier for example, where different healer types “outheal” others in terms of raw HPS. If, as Juv said, we 5 healed H Ultraxion, he and I run at least neck and neck in terms of numbers…6 healing the fight, I often find myself at the top of the meters at the end due to “Winds of the Arcane! Be at their backs…!” Still, on other fights, Kit trounces EVERYBODY.
    IMHO, looking at raw data for healing is a bit of a minefield…I do not claim to have anywhere near an expert understanding of sites that crunch numbers, like WoL, but I’m pretty sure a lot of damage mitigation I provide to a raid member as a Holy Paladin doesn’t translate into raw HPS numbers..(ex: I hit our big bear butt tank with Hand of Sacrifice with each Impale during Madness..she stays alive, but I don’t believe it counts as a “heal.” Likely the same with a Priest Barrier.
    Don’t get me wrong, HPS measurement is decidedly important in evaluating the activity of a healer. I’m just saying it isn’t the end all-be all of determining which healer is the best, the most effective, yada yada yada…If I am assigned to both tanks during Heroic Oozy-boss, and neither of them die during the fight or have to blow crazy cooldowns not to die: am I the best healer on that fight? My numbers say no..but my assignment says yes….
    I don’t have the site in my Favorites any longer, but I saw once a great series of articles about using World of Logs to evaluate healers on one’s raid team. It broke it down class by class…the conclusion of the matter was: if people live, the healer used all the tools in their toolbox to get it done, then the raid has an effective healer. Gear and experience (and caring lol) can put healers at various places along the continuum also…for these reasons (plus all-epically-gemmed, most of the time I “outheal” our other Paladin according to the raw numbers.
    My conclusion? if people live, the healer used all the tools in their toolbox to get it done, then the raid has an effective healer.

    • IMHO, the “Activity” percentage on WoL is the true gauge of a healer’s activity. I may not be healing 100% of the time, but you bet your butt I am casting all that time. I regularly sprinkle Lightning Bolts for mana regen, especially during burn phases/low incoming damage phases. Just because I am not casting heals during that time (except maintaining my Healing Rain if I can hit enough people), does not mean I am standing around waiting for someone to take damage.

      I almost never match Juv, but there are fights I sit above the Priests and/or Pallies. Alternately, there are fights I sit lower. We all have different strengths.

      That is why I find trying to further improve difficult – I have no basis of comparison being the only Resto Shaman. This is my first time ever being in that position. lol

      Now, I do not mean that I would be all “hahaha! my heals win!” or sulk when I am lower, but just having someone who is working with a similar toolkit, gear, and raiding setup as me to compare notes.

      I think that gives the other healers in the raid an advantage over me in many ways.

      ~ Effy

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