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How Not to Pally: An Introduction

Once upon a time, in Elwynn Forest…

Happy Outfit… Saturday, everyone!  Yes, yes!  I have not forgotten one of my favorite pastimes!  (That would be transmog, BTW.)  Just because my ability to conform to a predetermined day of the week anymore seems unlikely, does not mean I have forgotten!  In fact, I may have to drop the Outfit Friday thing, and just go back to posting them when I can.  🙂

This week, I wanted to showcase two outfits for a project I have recently begun.  (I seem to have a lot of projects lately, eh?  So many grandiose ideas!)

I would like to introduce two new characters of mine:

Sir Piotr of Goldshire and his lovely squire, Toggle! (Please excuse the amateur attempt with WoW Model Viewer and Gimp!)

Yes, Tøggle has been around for a little while, but I figured she needed some story time too.  So I have given her purpose in keeping Sir Piotr out of too much trouble.  Tøggle is the Penny to Sir Piotr’s Inspector Gadget, the Arthur to his Tick.

I admit they are both wearing more pieces from a single set then I would usually use, but I was looking for an iconic, appropriate look for both of them.  With Sir Piotr, I wanted something that said Alliance Paladin – the Lightforge Recolor does that very well.  With Tøggle, I wanted something that would say Gnomish Engineer.  I also went a bit brave with Tøggle’s outfit, and mixed green and pink, which I usually would not do – but Tøggle pulls it off well!  I have been wanting to make a Gnome outfit with the Warbringer Set for a while now.  Then, I gave them both Superhero-red cloaks!

Expect to see more of these two soon!

~ Effy

Human Male Paladin – Front

Human Male Paladin – Back

Bone Collector Sword

Royal Crest of Lordaeron

Sir Piotr Set

Gnome Female Warrior – Front

Gnome Female Warrior – Back

Khorium Champion

Squire Tøggle Set


  1. They both look wonderful! Would not want to be an evildoer and encounter those two!

  2. Though if you ask me, Toggle should be the Sir and Piotr the Squire 😀 Pink fairy floss gnome = awesome

  3. Oooh, I am intrigued!

  4. I love Sir Piotr’s outfit – what a gorgeous blue.

  5. Thanks, everyone! My intention is to try my hand at a comic made with WoW Model Viewer. I have made comics before, but always hand drawn, not in a format like this. So we shall see how this goes, eh?

    ~ Effy

  6. Garien

    My Paladin (same name as my username), on Turalyon uses the blue Lightforge set. I think it looks great with the 1h sword, Sword of Northshire, or the 1h mace Mass of McGowan and the Commander’s Crest shield. For 2h I use the sword Destiny and am still looking for a good 2h mace to go along with it.


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