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On a Lighter Note… A WoW Fan Fiction Contest!

So last night, as Laz and I were logging off for the night, I saw Noelani’s post about this WoW Fan Fiction Contest hosted by Movellas!  Then, this morning, I saw Navimie mentioned it too!

Laz chuckled at my elation and told me I should definitely submit something.

And if I submit something it would have to be about Effy.  Of course.

So I am currently brainstorming on what part of Effy’s story to focus on.  I think I may jump ahead from the last piece a ways…

And since I just gave a lil bit of information to Navimie, I suppose I should mention here – for all who like the sappy stuff like me – the story I have in mind will have the elements of both love and sacrifice.

~ Effy

P.S. = Navimie is also trying to convince me that I should post Machinehead somewhere on this Movella’s site.  I suppose I will have to look it over more in depth tonight when I get home…



  1. Excellent! I will be waiting for the next chapter of love and sacrifice!

    • Hmm, Ancient hunny, you are brilliant. I think Love and Sacrifice is a good title for this new piece. 😀

      ~ Effy

  2. JD Kenada

    Interesting. I think I’ll pass, otherwise I’m going to rush my work and Posthumous will go at it’s own pace.

    • Trying to find out a solid deadline for this.

      Me, personally, I work much better under pressure. I have lots of posts unfinished because I have no solid deadline for them. heh

      ~ Effy

      • JD Kenada

        I work well under pressure too. There’s just some aspects of my own creativity that are best on my own time. It’s why I didn’t do that well in art when we were told “make your version of this in the time allowed.” When I was able to do what I wanted, I scored much better.

      • And there you touch on one thing that irks me – art grades. Art class should not have grades other than: “Did you do the work?” – yes or no, pass or fail, satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

        I took a drawing class in college, and received a C – a C! – because the art teacher did not feel I followed her instructions to create my finished pieces. Since when is there a right or wrong way to draw?? I took every project goal into consideration, but got there in a way that worked for me. And for that I got a C…

        Nope, not bitter…

        ~ Effy

  3. I am glad someone is joining in 🙂 I see JDs comment and I am going to go poke him for fun.

    • Haha, give him a few pokes for me. I shall be madly writing. 😉

      ~ Effy

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