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RIP Ray Bradbury

Courtesy of Yahoo! News

The world of Speculative Fiction is quieter by one more voice.

Instead of rehashing what is already being reviewed in the news, I wanted to say a few things from my personal point of view.

I remember Ray Bradbury as my first step into Science Fiction.  I recall reading The Illustrated Man and Something Wicked This Way Comes in high school, followed later by Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card and many of the great works of Isaac Asimov.

Previous to that, my reading pleasures were filled with Fantasy stories, which in turn inspired my Fantasy writings, but Sci Fi opened me to something different.

Both genres occupy the sphere of Speculative Fiction.  Both ask and subsequently answer the question “What if…?”  But whereas Fantasy illustrates worlds and characters that never could be and are completely formed by the imagination, Sci Fi opened up worlds and characters that might some day be and are based on current science fact.

Each one of us playing World of Warcraft or Diablo 3 or Star Wars: The Old Republic or EVE or many of the other video games that we enjoy have in part this pioneer of the genre to thank.  Ray Bradbury and other writers like him brought into our lives fantastic ideas of strange happenings in far away worlds or stranger happenings right down the street.  Their writings sparked the imaginations of those after them, and continue to inspire future generations.

As a writer, I owe much of the spark that drives my passions to these wonderful writers.

Thank you to Zwingli, for bringing this to my attention.

~ Effy



  1. zwinglisblog

    You said that so much better than I ever could. Also, thanks for the link-back love. I thought that our world had become less bright with the passing of Anne McCaffrey back in November (2011). Now it seems we are in full eclipse of the sun.

    Sorry, I’m just feeling sullen.


    • No worries, Zwingli. It is always sad to reflect on our mortality. It is why we create fantastical beings who are immortal or have lives spanning centuries and millennia. To have someone pass that creates such a ripple in the pool of humanity is always a time for reflection for those of us rocked by the waves.

      ~ Effy

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