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One of Those “Damn, I Am Awesome” Moments

I am usually a pretty quiet and modest.  At new jobs and in new situations, I am polite and friendly but I hesitant to start too much conversation until I start to get to know people.

With my mother’s outgoing personality, I am not sure how this happened.  She will start a twenty minute conversation with a stranger at the grocery store.  I guess I take after my more introverted father.

However, every once in a while, I accomplish something fabulous in a realm of unexplored territory, and I cannot help but have a moment where I sit back and think, “Damn, I am awesome.”  Something that I had to figure out on my own or through a moderate amount of research, and then BAM! it works.

Hooray!  It feels pretty good.

Well, I had one of those moments this morning, and I wanted to share my elation.  🙂

Other stuff going on with me?

This post means I am taking a small (temporary!) break from writing my Love and Sacrifice story.  It is coming along very well.  The only thing hindering me at the moment is how to make sure that people who have not read my blog and the other stories in the series are up to date on what is going on, and do not spend the whole story going: “Who ARE these people?  WTF is going ON?”

So it can be expected there will be some reflection in the story.  Keeping it interesting is my current goal.

I am also back into full swing with creating transmog outfits.  First, there was the several outfits I put together for Love and Sacrifice, including a new outfit for Laz I have not posted yet.  (Laz approved, even!)  I spent last evening prior to raid putting together some outfits for Cymre’s “Insert NPC Here” Shared Topic idea.  (Cuz my NPCs have to look good!)  Yes, I am working on it as quickly as I can, and I hope to get it posted before the Shared Topic week is over.  😛

Raiding is going well.  We had some changes in roster last night (Aesa and Beef are back, yay!), and could not quite make Blackhorn fall again.  (On our best attempt we hit the enrage timer at sub-5%.  D’oh!)  We were pretty melee heavy, and for some reason, even though this tier has been far more kind to melee than those previous, that fight is awful for melee.  C’mon, Blizz.  Be nice to the melee.  We like having them around.  (Okie, so I may have some vested interest in a certain Ret Pally, but that is neither here nor there!)

In D3 news, Laz and I have been playing a pair of Monks while waiting for 1.0.3 to go live and make life a little easier for gearing his Barbarian.  It is almost disgusting how easily the two Monks are face-rolling the content – so much so that Laz and I spend a lot of time while playing and reflecting going “WTF??” and wondering why it was so fork-in-the-eye painful to get the Barbarian and Demon Hunter pair through the same.  The Monks are already 50 and in Hell mode.  Stuff is finally starting to hurt some, and that is encouraging that our pair is not going to continue to streamroll so effortlessly through Hell and Inferno.  Not that it would be BAD, per se, but highly discouraging in regards to our main toons.

That is all I have bouncing around in my brain for now.

~ Effy



  1. I’m intrigued by the Love and Sacrifice stuff that I’ve seen so far and I look forward to reading your post for my shared topic 🙂

    • It is a very fun Shared Topic idea! I had a good time playing with ideas, and now putting the post together. (And playing with outfits at the same time is always a plus!)

      ~ Effy

  2. I think I am the most eager to read! And the biggest nagger! And grats on your awesome moment 🙂 I am curious! Expect more nagging.

    • My awesome moment was really just making Excel do something I wanted it to do. But it was a pretty big something that made it easy to share the information that was needed. Raw data is fine – molding it into something informative is exciting. At least to me. But I also enjoy writing processes, which my brother very bluntly informed me would bore him to tears, and he is a programmer. lol So…

      You can nag me all you want. I am sure the push to avoid further procrastination would be good for me. hehe

      ~ Effy

      • I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the shared topic!
        Also, you should know that the Alliance counterpart of “Modiste Kamalia” from my shared topic post would be “Modiste Effraeti” 😀

      • Awww… *blush* We should totally find a neutral place to set up shop together. 😀 Dalaran maybe.

        ~ Effy

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