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Monday Musings: 7:11

Yay!  It is Monday morning, and I figured it might be good to share what I am up to.  🙂

BTW, I am not sure who started the “Monday Musings” thing, but whoever did – thanks!  I think I have partially stolen this idea from I-dunno-who.


No, this does not refer to the convenience store chain.  Nor is it 7:11am right now.  But 7:11am does have a special meaning for me, one that had slipped my mind completely until this morning.

While getting ready, I glanced at the time, and saw it as 7:11am.  Somehow, after all these years of forgetting, it triggered the meaning of that specific time from way back when I was about five years old.

My mom was still working at that time (she became a stay at home mom sometime after the older of my two brother’s was born), and every morning she would drop me off at my grandmother’s, then pre-school, then school as time progressed.  Somehow, every morning at 7:11am we were in the car together, and she would bring this to my attention, until eventually it was I who ecstatically exclaimed the appropriate time!

It was a simple little moment of time, but it was our time, and remembering it this morning made me warm and fuzzy.  🙂


Over the weekend, Laz and I got the two Monks to Level 60 and they are currently in Act IV Hell mode.

Apparently, we are leveling machines (as we have been told this more than once), as that was even with dropping back to Act III Nightmate at Level 56 and helping a guildie finish off Act III and IV.

We are just very goal-oriented…

So now comes the big question: What are we going to do with them now that they are Level 60?  Are we going to farm and progress through Inferno with these two, instead of our Barbarian and Demon Hunter?  I have to say, we are both leaning towards this at the moment, as they have better survivability than both of our other toons, and more damage potential than Laz’s Barbarian currently.

P.S. – Blizz, please help Barbarians!  I know it is Laz’s favorite class, and what he really wants to play and it is frustrating to see how difficult working with them at max level is.

The Other Side of the Story

The other leveling achievement I accomplished this weekend was getting my Forsaken Warlock, Raeviin, through Silverpine (and then most of Hillsbrad).  She is now Level 27!

Now that I finished the Forsaken side of the Worgen story, it remains to be seen as to whether Raeviin will see anymore leveling.  That was my primary goal with her.

But at least I am on the right path to a positive change in my 2012 in 2012 total this month!

Sans Mascara

All my male readers can stop here if you so wish.  😉

There is always a paranoid self-consciousness that overcomes me when I leave the house without mascara.  Usually, I have an “emergency” mascara in my purse for this exact reason, but it appears to have disappeared.  :/

I am not the most feminine when it comes to woman stuff.  But I am a redhead, and that means I am fair-skinned and fair-haired.  This translates to a Casper-like complexion, light eyebrows, and near-translucent eyelashes.  Therefore, I am pretty particular when it comes to makeup.  My makeup gives me some much needed color, and when I am without it, people ask if I am sick because I am so pale.  :/  They also take notice when my eyebrows or eyelashes go from brown to absent.

My last job was all women.  Now, I am more in my comfort zone of working with mostly men (gossip in an all women office is awful).  So I do not expect anyone to say anything, because guys hardly do… but I am still self-conscious!

<hides and covers her eyes>

~ Effy


  1. You know, I can’t wear mascara because I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes. And I should wear it because I have no eyelashes. And is it me or is your guildie bloggers roll getting LONGER???

    • Yah, mine are pretty invisible. heh So I have trained myself to leave my eyes alone. 😛 Waterproof mascara helps too.

      Uhh, I swear it has not gotten any longer in the last week or so? …

      ~ Effy

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