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House Wolfsbane

Here is the piece I promised in my recent Shared Topic post.

I knew I could not make House Wolfsbane into NPCs and quest givers without new threads.  So honestly, it was a combination of putting together four outfits and making them all cooperate in WoW Model Viewer that took the longest in completing.  I spent the better part of Saturday fidgeting with WMV and its shoulder bug.  (It has a tendency to make the shoulders far larger than they should be – especially on Human females – which requires some scaling through an option I had to research to find.  Hopefully, this will be fixed at some point?)

Eduard‘s outfit is mostly from my Gilnean Royal Set, with some less flashy pants and boots.  🙂

All of the other sets are new, as I thought of using Sifaol‘s Gilnean Set, but decided she needed something different.  I am quite fond of the black and pink theme she has going and I was pleased to find so many pieces to complement the Robe of the Moccasin.

For Amaeris, I wanted a set that was simple, nonrestrictive, and earth-toned but still looking like mail.  I think I accomplished that.

For Gæladrial, I was looking for a set that was part farm hand, part witch, part nobility.  I immediately knew I wanted to build the outfit around the Kurenai Kilt.

~ Effy

Human Male Warlock – Front

Human Male Warlock – Back

Judkin’s Staff

Worgen Male Warlock – Front

Worgen Male Warlock – Back

Judkin’s Staff

Æthelwúlf (Eduard) – Royal Set

Human Female Druid – Front

Human Female Druid – Back


Suntouched Flowers

Worgen Female Druid – Front

Worgen Female Druid – Back


Suntouched Flowers

Gæladrial – Harvest Witch Set

Human Female Priest – Front

Human Female Priest – Back

Chillwind Staff

Worgen Female Priest – Front

Worgen Female Priest – Back

Chillwind Staff

Sifaol – Full Moon Set

Human Female Hunter – Front

Human Female Hunter – Back

Titanium Compound Bow

Worgen Female Hunter – Front

Worgen Female Hunter – Back

Titanium Compound Bow

Amaeris – Dog Lover Set


  1. Well done on all the sets.
    I was trying to decide which outfits I like the best and I like the top 2 in particular.

    • Thanks, Cym!

      Yah, I think Gael’s is my favorite just because it is simple and works so well. The black and pink of Sifaol’s outfit might be a close second. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  2. I think I like this variation of Lord Eduard’s nobility set better than the original. 🙂
    You’ve hit the mark with Gaeladriel’s set; I think it conveys “harvest witch” really well.
    The girls’ outfits are both fantastic. I really like the Robe of the Moccasion — now I know what to wear with it! And the combination of the Cata questing chestpiece with the other items works beautifully.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Kamalia! 🙂

      As much as I liked the original pants, I have to agree this set fits Lord Eduard better. I will just leave those pants to Kaprikka. 😉 hehe

      ~ Effy

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