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Love and Sacrifice: Dawn and Twilight

Some more teasers, in a way.  Story outfits for Laz and a nameless Twilight’s Hammer assassin.

Lazheward‘s first set is what Laz is currently wearing in-game, but for story purposes, it is his Prot set, so a slight variation with a one hand weapon and a shield.  I very much like the gold and blue, and in-game his outfit goes great with the Undying Resolution tabard.

His second set is his Love and Sacrifice set.  Originally, Laz wanted to see what I could do with the T13 Paladin gear – even though he said it makes him look like a big bird.  I tried the white/red and the white/blue sets, and could not really get them to something I was happy with.  After I talked Laz into the heroic grey/purple version, I convinced him I did not like the huge T13 shoulders, which he told me to switch. and then to let me use the Hammer of the Naaru.  So even though it is purple, it is Lazheward approved.  🙂

The Twilight Assassin is played by Lycaohn today.  He is a Rogue and already has the correct look in his Human form.  I did forget that Lycaohn’s Human skin tone is so dark, considering he is a greyish-white Worgen.  :/  I was trying very hard to make the shoulders from the Valorous Terrorblade Battlegear work for this outfit, but I could not get them to match right with enough other pieces.  The more I fiddled, the more the set was heading towards the Merciless Gladiator’s Vestments, and so I went with it.  Besides, after 30 or so minutes of watching the Valorous Terrorblade Pauldrons slice-stab-cut every which way (literally every time I flipped a page on the piece chooser window), I was about done with them.  ><

Since I am now playing with WoW Model Viewer and am getting to a happy place with everyone’s outfits, I may very well revisit many of my short stories and add/update the pics.  That would make me happy.  🙂

Oh and please forgive that my stand in model for Laz in these MogIt shots has the totally wrong hairstyle.  One of these days I will get lil Lazyward to Exodar.

~ Effy

Draenei Male Paladin – Front

Draenei Male Paladin – Back

Caress of Insanity

Northern Barrier

Lazheward – Dawn’s Protector Set

Alternate Weapon – Andoros, Fist of the Dragon King

Draenei Male Paladin – Front

Draenei Male Paladin – Back

Hammer of the Naaru

Lazheward – Dawn’s Vindicator Set

Human Male Rogue – Front

Human Male Rogue – Back

Grieving Spellblade

Blood Weeper

Twilight Assassin – Twilight’s Blade Set

Optional Helm – Merciless Gladiator’s Leather Helm

Worgen Male

Worgen Male with Optional Helm



  1. JD Kenada

    The Vindicator’s set looks excellent!

  2. Wow all those sets look amazing!

  3. they all look great 🙂

  4. @JD @ Navi @ Cym

    Thanks, all! I look forward to the finished product. (ie. All these outfits illustrating my current story!)

    ~ Effy

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