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The Bad Boyfriend

A couple of my defining traits have always been my passion and my loyalty.  When I get into something, I am all in, I am all present, I am absorbing and utilizing all the information I can.  At the same time, I hardly look in any other direction, because what is in front of me has all of my attention.

I am this way with relationships, and I have realized I am this way with gaming.

So it seems to me I have been quite the Blizzard fan-girl/girlfriend for the last few years, without even realizing it.  I have been very focused and passionate and loyal in regards to World of Warcraft.

My hope is this post does not make me a hypocrite, because it is more a manner of me taking on a new point of view.

Because the purpose of this post is the fact that I really feel let down.  I feel dumped.  Like a bad boyfriend, Blizzard has failed to meet the predetermined expectations of a relationship between a gamer and her game – expectations of content and customer service and appreciation of time and money.

I cannot help but feel duped, because I bought into every flowery word Blizzard said.  I even decided that my loyalty was worthy of a bigger step than a monthly fee – it was worthy of my promise of a year’s worth of playing.

I signed up for the Annual Pass, and I signed up for it on both of my accounts.

It seems that was the breaking point, though.  The relationship got to that “too comfortable” stage, and Blizzard shrugged off everything because they knew I would not be going anywhere.  They make grandiose promises with MoP Beta.  They placated me with D3.  But ultimately, they stopped trying.

Blizzard, you don’t buy me flowers anymore.

Blizzard and I are more just roommates now, and I am left wondering if there is anything left here to salvage, or if it is time to move on.


  1. Geez Effy, don’t scare me like that, I thought you were talking about Laz when I read that title!

    • That is so funny, because I was saying almost that exact thing to Laz when I hit “Publish.”

      Effy: *giggles* Everyone is going to think I am talking about YOU!”

      Laz: “…”

      ~ Effy

      • Well, go snuggle with the real man in your life. I too get very “all in” with everything I do – my new boss already nick-named me “Miss Passionate” after our first encounter. No, I didn’t try to kiss her. Damn, maybe I should have. In any case, keep writing…keep writing!

      • Thank you so much, Matty!

        I agree, screw the “bad boyfriend” and give lots of lovin’ to the “good boyfriend.” I am sure Laz will appreciate that. 🙂

        ~ Effy

  2. I thought you meant Laz too. I’m glad it wasn’t was we expected from the title.

    I agree though, it’s depressing that there’s not much to do. I do what I can but it gets boring by yourself so I find I don’t really log in – but then this means I don’t have much to write about either, so the two things that have given me a lot of joy are letting me down.

    I know things will improve when Mists goes live but how much longer do we have to wait, really?

    • Yah, getting myself motivated to log in is escaping me for the most part. I am really just logging on at this point for raids. Unfortunately, this is crossing over to my blog, hence my inactivity here for the most part. 😦

      ~ Effy

  3. JD Kenada


    August 28th is thattaway…. 😉

    • Yah, we shall see…

      ~ Effy

  4. So I wasn’t the only one who thought she meant Laz. Phew. But I can imagine the lull and the doldrums is so painful, without flowers, and attention, WoW has indeed become that lousy boyfriend who is settled into the routine without the romance.

    • Yah, I think it is funny that everyone is immediately thinking Laz, and I do apologize to him and all of you for that. I could not help myself. 😛

      Seriously, though. Laz is the best, and he pretty much makes up for every thoughtless ex of mine. ❤

      ~ Effy


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