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Hump Day

Yay, for reusing old screenshots!

Hey, look!  It is my original transmog for Effy!

It is now July.  IRL, it is proving to be a scorching, muggy, near-rainless summer, which equals moody redhead, as I tend to wilt in this kind of weather.  Instead of enjoying the summer, I am hiding away in the house and the AC.  Basically, my days consist of house>car>work>car>house, with headaches scattered in and amongst that due to the back and forth between the miserable hot outdoors and the bearably cool indoors.

Excessive amounts of water and Gatorade are helping some.  heh

In my gaming life, WoW coming up short, as you might have noticed from my last post.

I might be “Oh, shiny!” in many regards, but when it comes to love and gaming, I am usually loyal and unfaltering.  So when my head starts turning in other directions, I have to stop myself and reevaluate.  If I am getting distracted, there is usually good reason – mostly, I am just not happy.

Gaming is my hobby and my escape.  If I am not having fun, what the heck am I doing?

I have a confession: There really is not anything I am looking forward to in Mists of Pandaria.

Farmville?  Ugh.

Pokemon?  No thanks.

Upgrades to Archaeology?  Meh.

Stripping my favorite class of their defining feature and giving me a placating glyph as a substitute?  Not so much.

Watching Laz’s Retribution Paladin, who is already in a less than ideal place, get ripped to lil pieces and fed back piecemeal?  <sigh>

Dumbing down the game furthermore and calling it giving me more choices?  Really?

Less choices =/= more choices.  Hello?

Reading a post from Vixsin, whom I highly regard as a Resto Shaman and have followed since before I ever started blogging, did not boost my enthusiasm.

The transition between Wrath and Cataclysm was my first expansion transition in WoW, and nearly spelled the end of my Resto Shaman career.  It was harsh.  It was demoralizing to see how much I bottlenecked the performance of my five man groups when Laz and I first hit 85 and started doing heroic dungeons.

Other healers were getting their groups through with far less effort than I was exerting.  I recall drinking/eating for mana between EVERY pull.  I recall having to CC EVERY pull – sometimes even CC’ing several mobs at a time.  I recall finishing trash pulls on fumes, something I thought only possible in progression raiding on bosses, and the occasional five man boss when severely undergeared.  I recall casting my “efficient” heal and even my “big” heal and my “fast” heal and seeing what looked like NO movement in health bars.

It is not something I care to repeat.

About the only thing that really looks interesting at this point is Challenge Modes, and if my Shaman is performing in MoP like she was in Cata, there is simply NO way I am doing that to myself.

Even transmog is no longer enough reason for me to keep logging on.

Which reminds me – I have not forgotten my most recent Effy story.  No, it did not make it into the contest as I was aiming.  The muses have not seen fit to inspire me enough to complete it yet.  However, I am still plugging away.  Of course, it is the fight scenes which are holding me up.  There is also a good deal of work going into making sure this story can stand alone if I so desire.

It has some back story and hints and explanation of happenings that have not been told yet.

My second WoW account appears to have lapsed somehow.  I have to wonder if I got banned or hacked.  I have been afraid to look.  I suppose checking that out should be on my list of things to do this week too.

~ Effy



  1. /hug
    I miss you Effy. I know the game is all bleh at the moment. I don’t expect to see you in game, but I guess I’m glad we have email.

    • I miss you too! *hugs* I looked for you at the start of raid, though, I admit I may have lost track of looking soon after. Trying to be focused and all.

      Seriously! We have email, and you have my Gtalk, girlfriend! In fact, we catch each other way more there then anywhere else. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  2. I can relate about not having much of a reason to log in sadly. But that’s why I’m looking forward to Mists. Good to see you posting though, at least I can catch you here 🙂

    • Yah, I am certainly around. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  3. Sorry to hear you are feeling bleh about WoW, for sure the weather is not helping :/
    The transition you mention between Cata and Wrath completely killed healing for me. You may recall people saying they weren’t having issues healing, but it was hell for every healer I knew. In Wrath I had three lvl 80 healers I played just for funsies when Dungeon Finder came out. None of them are 85. I really hope they fix the problem in Mists. Blizzard’s idea that “staring at health bars is no fun, let’s make healing a challenge” flat out sucked. If you were staring at health bars in Wrath, I don’t think you were doing it right, lol.

    • Well, and see, that is my current beef with WoW, and why I have been enjoying TERA so much…

      WoW and its predecessors have always been about watching bars. There is little too no interaction with the actual players. I do not want to get into it too much here, because I have already stated my opinion on my TERA blog, but basically – the more we want to be good healers, the more we come dependent on add-ons, the more we go away from being part of the group to turning everyone into green boxes.


      But I have seriously gotten to the point where I am going to have to put some serious thought into whether I will be continuing on with WoW.

      ~ Effy

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