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As the Blogosphere Holds Its Collective Breath…

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<looks around the void, deafened by the silence>

I have an extensive Blogroll on Google Reader at this point, which I peruse everyday, and usually throughout the day.  One thing I have come to expect is that every morning when I arrive at work, I will have some reading material while I sip my coffee, before my actual work day begins.

Usually this reading material numbers in the 30+ posts each morning.

Today it was three.

It seems all is quiet on the blogging front.

My blog is quiet, because I have a confession: I have started a TERA blog.  <hides>

I have taken a slightly different writing voice there, as I am actually focusing on class mechanics (mostly healing, of course) and game play.  These are items done to death with WoW, and by those much better than I, so I have never much dabbled there.

However, being a new entity, TERA is lacking in some basic searchability.  Questions must not go unanswered, and therefore, I have taken it upon myself to gather as much information as I can and share it.

I am reticent to link my TERA blog here, as they are very separate pieces, and from different sides of myself.  My niche here has always been a focus on my characters and their stories, and my voice in posts usually stays relaxed and informal.  There is where I take a more… serious? look at game happenings and the like.

Also, I want to build my TERA blog’s following as I built this one, and have people find it because it is truly what they are looking for.

So two separate places for two separate purposes.

Honestly, I always felt I was disappointing my Effy/WoW readers by posting Diablo 3 game play stuff.

Who knows?  Perhaps my TERA characters will make a story appearance here.  I definitely have to research the lore some more first.

~ Effy

Tell me, all: What are you up to?



  1. I’d be interested to add your TERA blog to the Pot’s feed-reader – feel free to mail me privately!

    And yeah, it has been a little quiet of late – I’m seeing about 300 posts on weekends, but many of them are from the more prolific professional sites.

    • Thanks, Hugh! 🙂

      I tried to email you at the address in the comment and it kicked back. I also tried leave a comment on MMO Melting Pot, but for some reason I seriously fail at Captchas. :/ If you want to email me, I would be more than happy to send that over.

      ~ Effy

  2. You had seemed unnaturally quiet lately, too. I kind of figured it was because you were happily playing TERA and not wanting to clutter up your WoW space with any more TERA stuff — so I’m glad to hear that you *are* writing, even if it’s in another space about another game 🙂

    • Yah, I did feel I “cluttered up” things here with D3, and I did not want to do that again. I am still working on Love and Sacrifice too. Just slowly.

      Definitely still writing. Currently having a good ol’ time researching TERA lore.

      ~ Effy

  3. It is very quiet. I tried the instant demo but had forgotten until you mentioned it. Maybe when I have a little time I’ll try the seven day trial. I just remembered it was quite beautiful the little I saw.

    Well now I’ll have to go look at Tera blogs and play the guess which one is Effy game!

    • It is a very beautiful game, and the creatures look different than the run of the mill fantasy monsters we all have become accustomed to, and I like that.

      Honestly, if you ask, I will tell you, hun. I just did not want to post it here. The idea of self-promoting… myself… felt kinda dirty.

      ~ Effy

  4. Is it quiet? I still have so much reading to do!

    • Hmm, well… read faster! Sheesh! 😉

      ~ Effy

  5. Everyone is working on their TransmogOlympics outfits, and we can’t post pics of them until the contest is over!

    • Ahh, that is one very good point. That would explain some of the “collective breath-holding.”

      Good luck with the contest. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  6. I found quite the opposite lately. I’ve been lapsing somewhat on my reading as I’ve been trying other things… beta, pet battles, etc. although I did manage to complete another Mogolympic outfit just last night. Not playing much D3 at all either. Although I am trying to do more things in WoW (live) which is my preference.

    Good to see you checking in though and I completely understand about building up a Terra reader base… although I would be lost if that was in my reader too, like the SW and other games I don’t play 😛

    • Yah, I have tried to get myself into the idea of trying out the beta. I downloaded it. I updated it. I fiddled with what the Pandaren look like.

      But I am nervous to even try out my Shaman there. I am horribly underwhelmed by the new “talent” system. And pets and mounts and achievements and time-fillers have never really been my cup of tea. I mean, three years and I have not achieved Effy’s purple proto-drake… Which I think would be cool, I just feel so meh about holiday events. I did them all my first time around, before Effy was max level, but I cannot bring myself to do them all again. Or all those PvP achievements.

      Yah, I mean, if people have interest, they will find my other blog. And honestly, if anyone how just enjoys reading my posts *stifles a giggle* they can ask. 🙂 Like I told Ancient, above.

      ~ Effy

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