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Effing Effy! Part Eredar, part REDHEAD! Watch out!

Yes, I totally think that title says it all.  In fact, this post I am currently writing makes me wish I were better with Photoshop (or Gimp, in my case), so I could create a darling picture of my Shaman going all rawr!  Instead, you get another of my stick-quality figures made in Paint in five minutes.  Lucky you!

Continuing on… the purpose for unleashing the Effing Effy!  (Which BTW, actually comes from the darling Navimie, who readily admits she enjoys my honesty, albeit blunt honesty.  In fact, she is such a wonderfully nice person, her comment was, “I totally know you would tell me if I ever did something wrong or stupid or if I upset you…  Wait, you WOULD tell me, right?”  LOL  Of course I would, hun.)

And you bet your azz I would if that were the case here.

However, it is most certainly NOT.

Poor, sweet Navi spent the entirety of a post (and a afternoon, I might add! at work, even!) fretting and blaming herself for the rudeness of another player.  A player that does not know her.  A player that would obviously not appreciate her even if they did.  A player that thinks stupid game stuff is reason to flame a human being – not just in game, but across two other internet mediums as well.

I do not care who you are, but nothing gives you the right to disrespect another person simply because they put something in your chat window that you could totally ignore for the course of a dungeon – or forever, if you so wish!

Apparently your mother never told you, “If you cannot say something nice – STFU!”

I will not go too indepth into the actual happenings, as both Navi and Big Bear Butt explain it very well.  But call me angry.  Call me Effing Effy effing across her effing blog over some effing azzhat.

Yah.  Eff that.

I have great appreciation for BBB, who was eloquent and honest in his response.  Almost to the point where I did not write this post.  He explained perfectly the sweet person Navi is and why this whole situation is so infuriating!  Who could possibly EVER get mad at Navi??  For her to even suggest to me that it would be possible for her to either intentionally or even accidentally piss me off is just ludicrous.

Then, I shared the situation with Laz, who got all riled up – and Laz rarely gets riled up – and he gave me permission to “go bulldog” as he put it.  Rawr!  lol  So obviously, he got me all worked up all over again – when I was just starting to let BBB’s response calm me down.

Effing eff eff.

Laz’s current oft repeated phrase, “She is like everyone’s little sister!  WTF?”  Yah, WTF?

And I think that is exactly what has me so irate.  Navi is the kindest, nicest, sweetest person I know.  She has taken on this wonderful task of Navispamming her blogging friends, just because she just innately wants to bring people together.  She has taken the WoW blogging community to a whole new level of interaction.  Her entire purpose with this is to bring good feelings into the community.

Azzhat!  Go back into your hole and leave communicating to those of us who are not unworthy of the breath it uses.

Hunny, Navi, there are a lot of people who love you for being you.  Your Navispamming makes their day by you wanting to be a part of it, and in turn immortalizing that moment in time on your blog.  You say in so many words, “Hey!  You’re pretty darn cool, and I would like to share in that coolness for a few!”

It is just about the highest honor I can think of.

~ Effy – Using her own name in vain since 2010.


  1. JD Kenada

    Yeah, I don’t think Nav’s seen me curse as much as I did on Real ID when I first heard about this character.

    • You?? Curse?? Now this iz srs bznz! *puts on her srs hat*

      ~ Effy, the Srs

      • JD Kenada

        You know, I sense a blog post coming…

        by the way, sorry if I pronounced Effraeti wrong on Twisted Nether this past week. 🙂

  2. “Who could possibly EVER get mad at Navi??” Well I could but only because we’ve known each other for so long 😛
    I can’t help but laugh at your post though, esp. after “Call me Effing Effy effing across her effing blog over some effing azzhat.” 🙂

    • There were several more “effing effs” but I remembered blogging is a public medium, and I cleaned it up some. Heaven forbid I should be relabeled NC-17 or something, you know? 😉

      ~ Effy, the Unrated

  3. Oh effy I am sad that what made you come out of hiding was this awful thing. But effing effy is the defender of truth and you know how I admire your honesty and belief of what’s right. How I love having a friend like you 🙂

    • *dawns her Defender of Truth cloak and puffs out her chest*

      I was really trying to be good. Honest. O:) *halo falls off and shatters*

      I blame Laz. Really. He is usually super calm and logical. When he got all riled up last night, it was infectious… Partly cuz I was already upset, and partly cuz if Laz gets riled up too, then I know I am not overreacting. lol

      ❤ you too, hun. Keep on keeping on.

      ~ Effing Effy

  4. LOL! We have the same mother! If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all was the first thing I thought of too! I am still furious so it’s hard to write anything other than effing bad effing words!

    • Yah. lol Though I may have adlib’d just a bit, since my mom would never say STFU.

      In fact, TRUE STORY TIME! Just a few days ago I explained what WTF meant to my mom, cuz she came across a comical shirt depicting the days of the week as something along the lines of “Monday, Tuesday, WTF!” She told me she did not get the joke, and I had to explain it…

      ~ Effy, the mother corrupter

      • LOL! You mother corrupter you, I probably would have chickened out and said it meant what the fail or something. Don’t want to get my mouth washed out with soap!

      • Oh geez. I would never intentionally say the F word to my mom. Admittedly it has slipped, and there has been aghast response, but never on purpose. Even in that case, I chickened out as well, and it was explained as “What the F-” Luckily, she got the hint. heh

        ~ Effy, the Chicken

  5. What got to me, and those whom I told the story to, was my and their immediate reaction to the Twitter part of the whole thing. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this immediacy of rage is too easy and has created, in my opinion, a very lazy and ignorant sweeping of manners. This is a bigger issue that has been on my mind for a long time, and I’m trying in my real life to take steps to help others use social media in its amazing blessed and powerful way. One of those blessings is I am friends with folks like you, Navi, Tome, JD, Bear, and the rest, and this community of writers and thinkers heartens me. There’s nothing like drying the tears of an Aussie friend thousands of miles away and time zones ahead to make one feel connected and part of something “bigger.” Perhaps those who are like the person who used the social media to step on toes and hearts will think twice next time. Heck, even teenagers I know get this.

    • I totally agree about the Twitter thing. There is a point where we are TOO connected and information is conveyed TOO quickly and people become TOO accustomed to sharing everything on their mind every waking moment.

      It is bad enough Laz has to put up with that from me, I would not subject everyone else to such. 😉

      The internet is a double-edged sword. We have so much connection and so much information. Sometimes it just seems too much. Especially when some abuse that connection to strike out at others, with seemingly little thought about the consequences.

      If that same person were at work, and received a shoulder tap from a co-worker, would they whirl on them and flame the intruder? I should hope not. They would not likely be in that position long. So why would you think to do it in another situation? Just because there is a computer between you and the other?

      I am glad Navi is a strong, albeit sensitive, person. She may be quick to apologize and quick to accept the blame, but there are some less stable folk out there who kill themselves over words said across the internet. So many incidents over Facebook or through games, like the incident with EVE Online.

      Words are powerful and, especially on the internet, they cannot be taken back once said/written.

      ~ Effy, the Techno-Psychoanalysis

  6. wow…..and this is why i never go to one of those parking garage everytime i go to new york city or even valet parking….effing idiots!


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