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Azzhats (Redux)

Srs Effy is Srs

As a long-time MMO’er, and officer to a number of guilds over that extended period of time, I understand that each and every member is a face for your guild.  Guild members – be it GM, officers, or any other rank – all carry a highly visible tag over their head that says they are part of a larger group.

To outside players, that identification is one of the sole ways to “categorize” a player, as humans are quite hung up on the idea of naming and labeling everything they interact with.

“Oh, that person is from so-and-so server” or “Oh, that person is from so-and-so guild.”

It has fallen to me to express such caveats on many occasions, through many ways, to one who either momentarily forgot in a fit of anger or just had absolutely no concept or care of the idea.  The former are usually apologetic.  The latter are usually apathetic.  The latter are also usually the types who do not remain in guilds long, or at least those guilds with which I choose to associate myself.

It is one of those frustrating and unpleasant, yet necessary, things to maintain a stable social entity: Conflict Resolution.

Personally, I tend to disregard the guild label quickly.  Only in unreasonable situations do I tend to use such to determine whom to contact for resolution.

No matter how friendly and helpful and social a guild is, there will always be those who disrupt the peace.  The true sign of a good and stable guild is how quickly and efficiently these situations are handled, and in some cases, whether they are handled at all.

The events of yesterday’s post were handled quickly.

I am, however, saddened to hear they caused undo stress to those involved.

As an outsider to the situation in all regards except my friendship with Navimie, I feel I did what I was capable of.  I am inactive in WoW, and am only connected to it through my blogger friends.

My outrage was at one specific person, not a group as a whole.  I know the guild and its members only through Twitter, and most of that second-hand, and through the words of other bloggers I respect.  I do not feel one person speaks for the attitudes or personalities of an entire guild.

What does speak for it is the swift management of this conflict’s resolution.

For that, I give kudos to those involved in that peaceful coming together of minds.

Much like Bear, I regret my outrage may have led to unnecessary stress to unintentional parties.  But also like Bear, I take back none of my personal outrage at said azzhat.

You can slap a tuxedo on a pig, but it is still a pig.

I will now lay this to rest, as well, as another in my long line of less-than-well-throught-out rants.

Though, I must say – Navi would likely never have stuck up for herself in this manner.  In fact, my dear friend is still making excuses for the other, which is both enduring and infuriating.  🙂  Call it friendship, call it butting in, call it tactless, but I refuse to let awful things happen to wonderful people if there is anything that I can say in the manner.

~ Effy, the Chagrined


  1. If you or bear feel bad about Nymphy’s distress, you have no idea how I feel. It was started by ME. Me and my big mouth talking some person in a dungeon 😦

    • OMG, hun! You did nothing wrong by talking to someone in a dungeon! They could have ignored you, or politely said they were busy. You cannot go around saying, “OMG, I do not want to whisper so-and-so because they might be buying something on the AH or killing a mob in Hyjal or having another whisper conversation with someone else, etc. etc. etc.”

      What are you going to do, never whisper anyone again? :/ It would be a sad World of Warcraft.

      ~ Effy, the Flabbergasted

      P.S. = I remember why I stopped commenting on yours and Matty’s blogs. 😦 Blogger/Google did away with screen names, and it is now using my real name when I leave comments. It does not even prompt me since I am logged into my Gmail. :/

      • I wonder if that has something to do with Google+. I deleted my profile a while ago and don’t seem to have that problem. Something to check in the settings perhaps…

  2. Actually nvm, I created a blogger profile ages ago just so I could comment as my openid and wordpress no longer work and the ‘anon’ option gives no avatar.

  3. Effy, I miss you!

    • Aww! I miss you too, hun! *hugs*

      Oh geez, I posted this a month ago, huh? I am slacking hardcore.

      If it is any help, I am really feeling a need to write some short stories. They might not be WoW related, though… Would people flog/flame me? :/

      ~ Effy

      • Oh hell no! Write, girl! WRITE! Please!!!


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