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Effy’s Undying Resolution Raider Challenge!

Copied from the UR Forums

Hopefully everyone received the in-game mails I sent earlier this week!

It was suggested to me that a forum topic would be a good idea. So here is the email I sent:

Good evening!I am currently working on a super-secret post for my Blog (Effraeti’s RP) and I need your help! So here is a raider challenge! Only those in our regular 25man are included.

Basically, I want a character portrait of your main! What does that mean? A screenshot of your main raider, including: favorite outfit, props, a fitting setting and a lil something about your character.

Questions or want more info? Email me! romanjk@gmail.com


~ Effy

Basically, I am looking for a screenshot (or even a drawing, if you are feeling that inspired!) that defines your raider – their personality, their reason for raiding, their favorite things, etc. If you do not use transmog, your raiding outfit or some fishing gear or whatever you wish to show yourself off on will work. Hunters and Warlocks can pose with their favorite pet… if you do not have an combat pet, feel free to use your favorite vanity pet. Props can be fishing equipment, a flying carpet, a tankard of ale, etc. And of course, take the screenshot in your favorite spot! The bank steps of Stormwind, a favorite tavern, atop a lonely mountain – wherever your raid likes to hang out.Lastly, try and write down something that describes your character’s personality. This can be as simple as bullet-points or as complicated as a story about your raider!

Be as creative as you like!

Please feel free to either reply here or by email to me. I do not have a solid deadline for this, but if everyone can aim for next Friday (1/27) that would work out great.  🙂

I will post something about Effy as an example.

Thank you, all!


~ Effy @}>—‘—,—

“The most important training, though, is to experience life as a writer, questioning everything, inventing multiple explanations for everything.” ~ Orson Scott Card



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