Effraeti's RP

One Woman, Two Timelines, Two Destinies.


Here is a home for the classes, specs, gear, etc. of my characters.  Mostly for my mental organization.  🙂

There are links to their Armory pages (if they are high enough), so that the information auto-updates, and to an RP outfit blog I have become quite fond of.

As you may notice, I have a number of toons, spread across two accounts.  I am currently at a higher number of toons than is normal even for me, as I am enjoying touching on RP ideas here and there.  Some characters were created solely for RP (or bank) purposes, and sadly may never see level 85.  (Such as my Mages.)

These pages, as well as my characters, are a work-in-progress, so please bare with me.  I apologize in advance for fluctuations in characters and storylines, as I am still fleshing out many things.

~ Effy

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Elune, Eonar, and Wyrmrest Accord

All Characters

Alliance – Female

Alliance – Male

Horde – Female

Horde – Male

  • Grenduhl – Eonar
  • Gwaehiir – Eonar
  • Klænk – Eonar
  • Lharz – Eonar
  • Mortímer – Eonar
  • Sahmul – Eonar

Bank Toons and Characters-in-Waiting

These characters are too low to view on the WoW Armory, therefore, they do not have their own pages yet.

Majordomo Ahyzrael, Majordomo to Lady Gaeladrial Wolfsbane – Draenei Shaman (Wyrmrest Accord)

  • Name origin: From “Azrael” the Archangel of Death
  • Favorite outfits: Draenic Silk Robes
  • Description: This female Draenei moves with a purpose.  She is well-dressed and conducts her business in the most professional and calculated of manners.

Miehiu – Pandaren Monk

  • Name origin: from the Chinese meaning “beautiful wisdom”
  • Favorite outfits:
  • Description:

Qiqiang – Pandaren Monk

  • Name origin: from the Chinese meaning “enlightenment and strength”
  • Favorite outfits:
  • Description:

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