Effraeti's RP

One Woman, Two Timelines, Two Destinies.

Roleplaying a Draenei (WIP)


Draenei, meaning “Exiled Ones,” are a faction of uncorrupted Eredar. Once they called the world of Argus their home, until they fled the Legion. Now, they are part of the Alliance, and faithfully assist in combating the Horde and other threats to peace on Azeroth.

Available classes:

Paladin and Priest: Because of their close relation to the Na’aru and the Light, it is common for Draenei to follow paths that put them in the Light’s service.  For this reason, it is common for Draenei to become Paladins and Priests.

Mage and Warrior: Not by choice, but the Draenei have a long history of needing to defend themselves, both from the Legion and then from the Horde.  So soldiers both melee and magical are a necessary means of survival.

Death Knight: The Lich King did not pay much mind to who he converted to his ranks of Death Knight, but he took pleasure in

Hunter: When the Draenei came to Draenor, they began to take up hunting as a source of sustenance, and this practice has followed them to Azeroth.

Shaman: Shamanism and nature worship were once foreign to the Draenei, but with the Broken One, Nobundo, heeding the call of the elements, this practice has been encouraged and embraced among the race.


Draenei have first names only, usually one to three syllables, though titles are common.  Draenei names tend to have a lot of vowels and diphthongs.

Examples: Effraeti, Vaadaree, Dornaa, Vindicator Maraad


Hair: Various shades of black, brown, blue, green, grey

Eyes: Luminescent blue

Skin: Various shades of blue and purple, ranging from white to almost black


Males: Can exceed seven feet and 350 pounds due to their muscular builds
Females: Slightly shorter and much more slender than males

Lifespan: Immortal?  25,000+ years at least.  Draenei are fairly careless about time and many do not know how old they are.


The Draenei came to Azeroth and the Alliance from Draenor on the Exodar during their escape from the Blood Elf attack on Tempest Keep.  Due to their longevity, many Draenei remember their other home worlds all the way back to Argus.

Family Life:

Family is very important in Draenei culture.  The Draenei believe heavily in marriage.  Because Draenei are so long-lived, children are rare, but siblings usually stay close throughout their life.  Unfortunately, many families have been torn apart during the thousands of years of exile of the Draenei.


Racial leader: Velen the Prophet

Racial capital: The Exodar

There are a disproportionate amount of upper class to lower class in Draenei society, currently.  This is mostly because during the flight from Tempest Keep, it was primarily the wealthy who were able to escape.

History and Lore:


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