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One Woman, Two Timelines, Two Destinies.


Aerora, Chosen of the Na’aru – Draenei Paladin

  • Name origin: From the more common “aurora”
  • Favorite outfits: Light’s Defender Set and Light’s Radiance Set
  • Description: This Draenei appears to radiate all the finest characteristics of her noble race.  She is aglow with a soft, golden radiance, her countenance serene and benevolent.  Occasionally, this Draenei’s aura becomes so overwhelming it suffuses those around her.  If you stand close enough, her peaceful, calming presence seems to envelope you.

Female Draenei Paladin - Front

Female Draenei Paladin - Back

Skullforge Reaver

Aerora – Light’s Defender Set

Female Draenei Paladin - Front

Female Draenei Paladin - Back

Kiru's Presage

Northshire Battlemace

Aerora – Light’s Radiance Set



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