Effraeti's RP

One Woman, Two Timelines, Two Destinies.


Lady Sifaol Wolfsbane, Eldest Daughter of House Wolfsbane – Gilnean Disc Priest

  • Name origin: From the Celtic language, meaning “She-wolf”
  • Favorite outfits: Gilnean Set
  • Description: This fiery-haired woman seems to blend a mixture of power and regality.  She wears a finely-stitched and embroidered robe that looks easily as practical and non-binding as it is refined.  Her emerald eyes flash with with a pretentious benevolence, that gaze both calming and condemning at the same time.

Female Worgen Priest - Front

Female Worgen Priest - Back

Staff of Earned Tranquility

Sifaol (Worgen) – Gilnean Set



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