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A Game of Gearing

I promised to post a bit more about Laz, and I figured it would be interesting to illustrate how quickly we geared him for raiding.

Being toward the “end” of the T13 content and the 4.3 patch and having much better gear to work with than the blues we all started raiding in at 85 in T11 (lol), it was actually fairly easy to make use of some items easily available and augment them with some drive and patience.

Laz stopped playing toward the end of T11, and so gear-wise he was sitting in a similar place as Effy when I first joined Undying Resolution – about a 359 iLevel.  The thing of it is, his gear was all Prot, as through T10 and T11, Laz was a tank.  After several months of raid leading and also healing over on SWTOR, Laz was looking for something more laid-back, something where he could focus merely on his own performance, his own gear, his own hooves not standing in fire.

I cannot say I blame him.  Though I do wish such a sour taste was not left in his mouth regarding healing.  He did transfer his Shaman to Elune, as well.  Maybe with some gentle coaxing and subtlety, I can convince him to heal for my DK tank again…  They were always a good pair too.  🙂

Anyway, I have created a timeline for your viewing pleasure.

Please Note: Where “Effy” is mentioned, this could actually refer to any of the following 85’s: Effraeti, Aerora, Caeridwen, and Sifaol.  Mostly, I have been running Aerora with Laz, since I have been using her for UR’s alt raids on Mondays, and she can still use gear.  But I have also run a few with Effy (debating changing the offspec to Enhancement, we shall see), tanked some with my DK, and even even dusted off my Priest.

Friday – 4/6

  • Laz reactivates his account with a Scroll of Resurrection.  <Effy bounces up and down impatiently awaiting her spirit gryphon’s arrival from the Nether>
  • Laz performs a free character transfer, provided by said Scroll, to Elune.
  • Laz huffs that “Lazheward” is not available and names his Paladin “Lazhewerd” (for now).  BTW, apparently names in WoW take 90 days to reset!  D:
  • Laz fills out a Social App, has a quick Ventrilo interview, and joins Undying Resolution!
  • Laz raids on SWTOR from 8pm-11pm.
  • Laz and Effy craft him some 377 iLevel PvP Blacksmith gear.
  • Laz and Effy do a few Battlegrounds.
  • Laz and Effy run End Time and Well of Eternity.

At this point it was very late – or very early – about 4am-ish.  So Hour of Twilight was held off.

Gear Tally:

  • Full set of 377 plate PvP gear (crafted)
  • 397 bracers and boots (BoE) courtesy of extra VP
  • 378 gloves drop
  • 378 cloak drop
  • 378 boots drop
  • 378 necklace purchased with JP
  • 378 ring purchased with JP

Saturday – 4/7

  • Laz and Effy drag their azzes out of bed way too early for when they went to bed, in the name of “accomplishing something” which should illegal on the weekend unless it is game related.  <nod>
  • Laz participates in some family time (AKA Easter holiday yard work!).
  • Laz raids on SWTOR from 8pm-11pm.
  • Laz and Effy do a few more dungeons after raid.

Gear Tally:

  • 378 ring drop
  • 378 shoulders drop
  • 378 chest purchased with JP
  • 397 relic purchased with VP

Sunday – 4/8

  • Laz spends some time solo queuing for heroics, while Effy makes some family time (AKA Easter).
  • After family time, Effy rejoins Laz and they commence in more heroics.
  • Laz and Effy queue for Laz’s first Raid Finder (AKA LFR) – just the Siege of Wyrmrest Temple part.

Gear Tally:

  • 378 2h mace drop
  • 378 trinket drop
  • 384 leg token!

Monday – 4/9

  • Effy participates in UR’s alt Dragon Soul run.
  • Laz queues for more dungeons – goal: the plate DPS belt from Well of Eternity.
  • Laz and Effy do a few more dungeons after the alt run.

Gear Tally:

  • 378 helm drop

Tuesday – 4/10

  • Laz and Effy spend the evening in heroics.

Gear Tally:

  • 378 trinket drop

Wednesday – 4/11

  • Laz and Effy queue for Raid Finder (part 1 and 2) with some guildies – Laz kills Deathwing for the first time!
  • Effy raids with UR while Laz queues for more dungeons.
  • Laz and Effy do a few more dungeons after raid.

Gear Tally:

  • Notta

Thursday – 4/12

  • Effy raids with UR while Laz queues for more dungeons.
  • Laz and Effy do a few more dungeons after raid.

Gear Tally:

  • 397 cloak purchased with VP
  • 390 PvP belt purchased, cuz that damn belt will not drop!

Friday – 4/13

  • Effy has dinner with a RL friend.
  • Laz raids on SWTOR… for a very long period of time.

Gear Tally:

  • Notta

Saturday – 4/14

  • Laz and Effy work on leveling Effræti and Kazakul (his Shaman) – for a change in pace.  More dungeons!  But at least some different scenery.
  • Laz and Effy do more dungeons.
  • Laz transmogs for the first time!

Gear Tally:

  • Notta

Sunday – 4/15

  • Laz and Effy do more dungeons.
  • Effy raids with UR while Laz queues for more dungeons.
  • Laz joins the raid for a Heroic Sindragosa kill.
  • Laz and Effy farm some herbs for pots and flasks.

Gear Tally:

  • Notta

Monday – 4/16

  • Effy participates in UR’s alt Dragon Soul run.
  • Laz relaxes with some fishing.
  • Laz joins the raid for a Alizabal kill.

Gear Tally:

  • 397 BiS bracers crafted by our guildie Amowrath!
  • 403 PvP pants drop (for PvP)

Tuesday – 4/17

Current iLevel: 385/383

Still no belt!  😦

Running Total at the start of tonight:

  • 9 Murozond kills (End Time)
  • 16 Mannoroth kills (Well of Eternity)
  • 14 Benedictus kills (Hour of Twilight)

All in all, I am quite proud of Laz – his gear and his DPS have come a long way in the past week!  He has been quite OCD regarding his gems and enchants, logging off and checking the Armory every time he gets an upgrade or reforges or gems or enchants.  Though, I cannot say it surprises me too much – he is always driven when he has a goal.

But what will he do when he is a raid-geared casual?  Hmm…

~ Effy


  1. I’m confused. I always thought YOU were Laz. So Laz is someone else? Is it you on another account? If it’s not you then /wave Hi Laz! 🙂

    • Basically, Lazheward is a toon I created based on RL-Laz, from when we played together before. Many of the stories I had in my head for the two Effy’s included touches of Laz, and therefore I ended up race/gender/faction changing my own Pally to a male Draenei named Lazheward.

      All for a good story. heh

      So whereas, yes, *I* was story-Laz… This is the “real” Laz.

      Honestly, I figured if he ever came back to WoW he would change his Pally’s name – as that has been his habit throughout our gaming history. Every different game, every new server, there has always been a new name I have had to remember to call him by in-game. 🙂 But truth be told, I am glad he has settled into an online persona.

      Clear as mud? 😛

      Other posts about Laz so far:

      Updates on the Slacker – http://wp.me/p1OlbU-Nk
      20 Days: People I Admire – http://wp.me/p1OlbU-l0

      I shall tell him you said “Hi” as his frequents to my collection of “fluff” writing, as he endearingly terms it, is sporadic. 😉

      ~ Effy

  2. Amo

    U forgot “4/16..Amowrath crafts something for Laz” 😉

    • You are absolutely correct, sir! I often go back and forth about using the names (even in-game names) of friends without permission, so I have doubled back and updated as so:

      “397 BiS bracers crafted by our guildie Amowrath!”

      Please do not feel missed or left-out. Both and Laz and I greatly appreciate the bracers. 🙂

      ~ Effy

  3. Skarnu

    That’s encouraging to see, as I’m in the process of trying to gear up my pally (a new main maybe?). I’ll be running her Prot though, so it should be interesting. The plan is to jump right into the HoT Heroics… my healers will hate me 😦

    • Aww, just throw on some 377 PvP plate and swing away. That is what Laz and I did. Heck my DK still has too much PvP gear. >< Laz and I both have Blacksmiths.

      For that matter, look up Laz and I when you are on and I will heal you. Those other healers got nuttin' on me. 😉

      ~ Effy

  4. Skarnu

    Will do…. Amo is making me some gear, just waiting for the price of some mats to drop. Skarnu be poor.
    As for healing, you’re my go to healer chick 🙂

    • Yay! 😀

      That should be fun… I miss chit chatting with you during raids…

      ~ Effy

  5. Skarnu

    Well if you ever responded to my e-mail 😛

    • OMG! That was just like, yesterday! 😛 So yes, I am a little slow…

      ~ Effy

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