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A Rogue Gambit AKA a Navimie Mogging Challenge

Property of Marvel Comics

Okie, so I am a few days late, but I still wanted to weigh in on this great idea of Navimie’s to mog our characters like superheroes!

Ever since I was old enough to read a comic book, I have been a big fan of them.  These days, it is mostly only indulged in the occasional tradepaper WoW or Stephen King’s Dark Tower.  But back in the day, when I was not so old, I loved comic books and once a month my mom would take us to the comic shop.  Batman and the X-Men were always my favorite.  I usually went broke on comics that were funded by babysitting and my allowance (and the loving care of my wonderful mom when other means did not count it).

Her take on it: she did not care what we were reading, as long as we were reading.

Property of Marvel Comics

My all-time favorite super hero?  Gambit.  Remy LeBeau.  The Ragin’ Cajin of the X-Men.  Part time love of Rogue’s life.  What is not to love about that accent and that bad-boy attitude?  And yet, so much more refined and sexy than Wolverine.

So what was the perfect class to test outfits on?  A Rogue!  Just for giggles, I named him Remylebeau.  A few RealID friends caught me in the act.  🙂

The most difficult part of this outfit?  No trenchcoats.  (Get working on that, Blizzard.  Please?  Kthxbai.)  So I was forced to make due in other ways.

Property of Marvel Comics

Gambit is also part of the reason I am most fond of referring to boyfriends as beaus.

~ Effy

Human Male Rogue – Front

Human Male Rogue – Back

Tapered Staff

Remy LeBeau – the Rogue Gambit Set

Alternate Chest Pieces:

Since the chest requires PvP titles, I figured I should also include some alternates.

Queen Conch Chestguard

Heavy Clefthoof Vest

Property of Marvel Comics


  1. Hey, nice job. I admit I only know the character from what I’ve seen in the move… 😛

    • JD Kenada

      Track down some of the 90’s X-Men cartoon. As over the top hamtacular as that show is…the voice actor does a great job capturing the essence of Gambit.

      • Yes, Gambit from the cartoon makes me melt. *blush* I loved hearing him say, “Mon Cheri.”

        *runs away to go make Laz speak French to her*

        ~ Effy

      • JD Kenada

        Tish! That’s French!

        …actually all I can think now is Jamie Lee Curtis in A Fish Called Wanda.

      • Laz has a great French accent, so I stand by my previous statement. *huffs*

        ~ Effy

      • JD Kenada

        Raiding with you two just got really awkward…

      • I think you are reading WAY too much into my last statement.

        ~ Effy

      • JD Kenada

        Says you…I just picture Pepe Le Pew chasing the cat everywhere…with Laz being the proverbial cat.

    • I was thinking last night as I was snagging Gambit pics, that apparently I have never seen Origins: Wolverine, because I had no idea Gambit was in it. :/

      He better have done my guy credit, though.

      ~ Effy

      • He is not as cute as the comics and he hasn’t got the lanky height. In truth I was disappointed.

      • Aww, that is disappointing. 😦

        ~ Effy

      • he is a WOW human male…what were you expecting? ha ha

  2. This may be one of your masterpieces, Effy – brava!

    • Thanks, Matty! It was fun to put together, though, oh-so tempting to use multiple armor types. :/

      ~ Effy

  3. Effy great choice of superhero! I love Gambit as well, I used to think his Cajun accent was divine and they whole romance between him and Rogue was just full of excitement and conflict (as opposed to the boring-if-you-ask-me Cyclops and Jean). OMG that Andy Kubert XMen cover used to be on my desktop! Have I ever told you what a great mind you have /wink
    So let me guess, you going to try to do Rogue next? 😀

    • Yah, Cyclops and Jean are pretty boring. I must admit I always felt an affinity to Jean Grey, though, since she is a redhead. And there are so few media portrayals of redheads who are not evil… *remembers Dark Phoenix and sighs* NM. lol

      Great minds indeed think alike. *hugs*

      Hmm, not sure if I shall try another. Honestly, my second favorite X-Man has always been Nightcrawler. He and Kitty Pride were quite the interesting pair. 🙂

      ~ Effy

      • Nightcrawler is my Fave X-man closely followed by psylocke. She is sexy!

  4. JD Kenada

    Love him as well, and he was always one of my favs. Only thing I might do is silver boots instead of black. You pegged the rest perfect in that first outfit.

    • I tried for lighter boots, but since I am working with leather here, silver was pretty non-existent. I tried grey boots but the textures clashed horribly. If I were to throw armor types aside, I am sure I could find the perfect boots.

      ~ Effy

      • JD Kenada

        Yeah, I agree grey wouldn’t look quite right necessarily.

  5. Just put my post up of Poison Ivy costume.

  6. Gambit is such an awesome character! It baffles me as to why they took so long to bring him to the big screen, only to screw it up in the Wolverine movie. Taylor Kitsch is a better actor than that and can do so much more with the character if he had a decent script to work with.

  7. I can dig gambit


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