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Not “Super” But No Less “Heroic”

Drizzt and Guenhwyvar – Property of Wizards of the Coast

Happy Friday!  This week, for my Outfit Friday post, I am stepping out of the box again.  Continually inspired by Navimie’s exponentially popular Super Hero outfits idea, I have been seeing Super Heroes everywhere!  However, instead of another Super Hero for your mogging pleasure, today I would like to introduce you my favorite Faerun couple: Drizzt Do’Urden and Catti-brie!

Anyone who has read either of my two surprisingly popular posts about the races of R.A. Salvatore’s Faerun compared to the races of WoW, knows I am a Drizzt fan.  (I think it is the pictures, honestly.)  So with all this mogging of story characters, how could I resist these two?

As far as classes were concerned, to create these two, it was easiest to make Drizzt as a Hunter (he is a ranger and we cannot forget Guenhwyvar!) and Cattie-brie as a Rogue (they can use bows and the armor choices fit best).

Guenhwyvar – Property of Wizards of the Coast

WoW version of Guenhwyvar – From Petopia

The great part, is both of these are low-level outfits.  I used leather on both, since armor bonuses do not come into play until Level 50 (and it worked aesthetically better).  So both would work as Rogues or Hunters, actually.

My hope was to make Drizzt’s outfit more black, but I had to settle for black and brown.  Ideally I would like to put some appropriate enchants on the two blades – one icy and one shimmery.

~ Effy

Drizzt – Property of Wizards of the Coast

Drizzt – Property of Wizards of the Coast

Male Night Elf Hunter – Front

Male Night Elf Hunter – Back

Scimitar of Atun x2 (imagine there are two) – AKA Twinkle and Icingdeath

Drizzt Set

Catti-brie – Property of Wizards of the Coast

Female Human Hunter – Front

Female Human Hunter – Back

Quillfire Bow – AKA Taulmaril

Cattie-brie Set



  1. Very nice outfits! I am sad when I look at the Booty Bay Pantaloons because I want those for a mog and I somehow did not get them… they would look great on my PVP set (since I have all the other matching pieces!)

    • Aww… I am curious as to the time limit on the Self-Service Item Restoration. Have you played with that at all?

      ~ Effy

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