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2012 in 2012: May Update

Good Monday morning to you all!  It is June, and therefore time for another update on my WoW leveling progress in the 2012 in 2012 Challenge.

Current Levels

Character Name Server Level Race/Class Faction
Effraeti Elune 85 Draenei Shaman Alliance
Caeridwen Elune 85 Night Elf Death Knight Alliance
Sifaol Elune 85 Worgen Priest Alliance
Lycaohn Elune 82 Worgen Rogue Alliance
Gæladrial Elune 14 Worgen Druid Alliance
Amaeris Elune 13 Worgen Hunter Alliance
Piotr Elune 10 Human Paladin Alliance
Effræti Elune 33 Draenei Death Knight Alliance
Miehiu Elune 80 Draenei Shaman Alliance
Aerora Elune 85 Draenei Paladin Alliance
Solaes Elune 85 Night Elf Druid Alliance
Brizaeyl Elune 62 Night Elf Priest Alliance
Rosælyn Elune 40 Human Hunter Alliance
Æthelwúlf Elune 40 Worgen Warlock Alliance
Kiiræ Elune 56 Draenei Mage Alliance
Tøggle Elune 0 Gnome Warrior Alliance
Vaadaree Fenris 85 Troll Hunter Horde
Azzurro Eonar 62 Draenei Warrior Alliance
Rosaelyn Eonar 54 Night Elf Druid Alliance
Gizmø Eonar 0 Gnome Priest Alliance
Aerora Eonar 82 Draenei Paladin Alliance
Duergar Eonar 0 Dwarf Warlock Alliance
Vianessa Eonar 47 Tauren Paladin Horde
Gwaehiir Eonar 0 Tauren Druid Horde
Raeviin Eonar 17 Forsaken Warlock Horde
Mortímer Eonar 0 Forsaken Rogue Horde
Wídget Eonar 0 Goblin Warrior Horde
Klænk Eonar 0 Goblin Shaman Horde
Caerise Eonar 20 Blood Elf Priest Horde
Sahmul Eonar 0 Blood Elf Paladin Horde
Atabey Eonar 11 Troll Druid Horde
Grenduhl Eonar 0 Troll Mage Horde
Zaerja Eonar 10 Orc Hunter Horde
Lharz Eonar 8 Orc Death Knight Horde
Ironeffy Earthen Ring 25 Night Elf Rogue Alliance
Ironlaz Earthen Ring 0 Troll Druid Horde
Brizaeyl Wyrmrest Accord 78 Night Elf Priest Alliance
Amaeris Wyrmrest Accord 35 Worgen Hunter Alliance
Rosaelyn Wyrmrest Accord 30 Night Elf Druid Alliance
Vaadaree Wyrmrest Accord 70 Draenei Paladin Alliance
Gaeladrial Wyrmrest Accord 40 Worgen Hunter Alliance
Skeiron Wyrmrest Accord 28 Night Elf Hunter Alliance
Lazheward Argent Dawn 6 Draenei Paladin Alliance
Effraeti Argent Dawn 6 Draenei Shaman Alliance
Toggel Aerie Peak 11 Gnome Warrior Alliance
Wingnuht Aerie Peak 10 Gnome Priest Alliance
Total: 1590

Running Total

1590/2012 Levels

Levels gained since April’s update: -35 levels

Left to go:  (approximately 422 levels 60/month)


The month of May ended up negative again, as I am still reorganizing toons for MoP.  Even though Laz and I ground out some serious levels on our Shaman/Mage pair, deleted and moved characters still put me behind for the month.  Much like last month, my leveling time was eaten up mostly in other endeavors.

I am not counting D3 levels here, but if I did that would be 144 more levels in the month of May.  That includes my Level 60 Demon Hunter who has been grinding gold and gear and 14 levels on my Hardcore Monk.

There are still seven months to go, so I am hardly concerned at this point.  Much of my solo time will be going back to time on WoW and my Blog since the initial OMGD3! is out of my system.  Though, I will still be playing my little toons on D3, and working slowly through Inferno with Laz.  We are so close to being able to survive in Act II!

Characters Deleted


  • I deleted Maeyv on Elune.  I needed more character space, and in all honesty, I usually use Sifaol as my character model for my Maeyv stories.  Also, I do still have my Maeyv over on Wyrmrest Accord.

Characters Restarted/Changed


  • I deleted my Level 10 Brizaeyl on Elune, and server transferred my formerly Draenei Priest, Maeyv, from Eonar.  So Brizaeyl on Elune is still a Night Elf and now Level 62.


  • I deleted my Level 54 Druid on Elune.  Then, I race/gender/name changed Skeiron to a Human Hunter named Rosælyn.


  • I deleted Tøggle my Level 30 Warrior to restart her on my second account.  This way she is opposite Sir Piotr, and I am hoping to RAF level her with Laz soon.

Breakdown of Updates:

Total Levels Gained: 69 Levels

Total Levels Lost: 104 Levels

Adjusted Levels Earned for April: -35 Levels

Characters (Alphabetical)

Effræti – Leveled DK Effy from 81 to 83, with no BoAs.  DK Effy is Blood, cuz that is how you play a DK.  (Or at least how I do.)

I am still currently leveling DK Effy with Laz’s Shaman, Kazakul.

I am tanking, but Kazakul is still leveling as an Elemental Shaman.  Well shall see if the tank/healer combo reemerges.

Miehiu – Leveled my new Shaman from 23 to 80, with BoAs, Recruit-a-Friend, and guild bonuses.  Miehiu I am leveling as Resto.

I am currently leveling Miehiu with Laz’s Recruit-a-Friend Mage, Xiaochen.  They are leveling super fast with the XP buffs available to them!  The plan is for both of these toons to be Pandaren come MoP.

Miehiu will likely be my main Resto Shaman in MoP.  <gives Effraeti a margarita, some sunglasses, and a good book>

Piotr – Leveled my Human Paladin from 1 to 10, with no BoAs.  Piotr I am leveling as Protection.

Sir Piotr is half of the dynamic duo for my new project How Not to Pally (along with the lovely and pink Tøggle).  I really only leveled him last month to get him high enough to be visible on the Armory, so I could pull him into WoW Model Viewer.  Whether he gets make further past Level 10 will remain to be seen.

In Conclusion

At least one character of each race – check x2

At least two characters of each class – check

All my 2012 characters to at least 10 – Work in Progress

All my story characters to at least 20 – Work in Progress

~ Effy


  1. OMG! I don’t think I could do this challenge… nice work though 🙂

    • Thanks, Cym! I will be more happy when my numbers are positive again! I think I am done moving characters around, so that should help. heh

      ~ Effy

  2. I don’t think I would be able to keep this up until the end, but you are well on your way (despite the negative levels). This was an interesting read!

    • Thanks, Toki! I am still confident I can complete this Challenge. Good thing it is not a race, though. 😉

      ~ Effy

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