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Azeroth’s Next Top Leather Model: Leather & Lace, Feathers & Face

Matty is at it again!  In response to her all-plate competition (well, except for the evening gowns), she has proposed a new leather transmog competition!

I am a sucker for putting together outfits (if you have not already noticed), so I had to jump in with my two cents.  While trying to decide which toon to showcase in a fabulous outfit, I recalled Solaes’ outfit that was never properly introduced on my Blog.  So since it is still one of my favorites, I have picked Solaes.

Soaring, seeking serenity.

For the in-game screenshots, Solaes and I flew around aimlessly for a while.  We tried the Moonglade, but the atmosphere was so green, it made all her red pieces look black.  We soared over Mount Hyjal, trying to find something fitting, but with no luck discovering a “perfect” spot there.  We followed the great waterfall down from Hyjal to Azshara, and we both knew immediately it was there we would find our perfect setting.  It still took a good deal of flying around, so much of Azshara has been destroyed by the Goblins.  Finally, on a high, jagged piece of land that had not fallen away into the ocean, Solaes and I found our serene setting.

Azshara has always been one of my favorite zones, especially the trees with the falling leaves – an eternal Autumn (my favorite season).

Solaes agreed, but she also found herself melancholy…

Solaes, taking solace in some peace and quiet as night falls on Azshara.

Solaes stoically looks upon the broken history of her race, contemplating what once was and never will be again.

Even serenity such as this can be broken at any time, and for that reason, Solaes stays wary and ever-prepared to fight.

Solaes – Berserker Set

Some thoughts on this outfit…  I played around with the pieces for this set over a period of time, and even the shirt I just added a few days ago because it compliments the chestpiece so well.  Unfortunately for most, the chestpiece is a LW’ing piece that binds on pickup.  An alternative might be the Nightshade Tunic with the same shirt or a plain red shirt, or the Cabalist Chestpiece on its own.  On her feet, I put sandals, because I think sandals look great and so fitting on a Night Elf.  I am currently still seeking out more sandals in-game, and I have yet to find a transmoggable pair in cloth.  Lastly, her weapon.  Once I saw Terokk’s Quill with this outfit as I was building it, I knew no other polearm would do.

For lack of exerting the effort to name this set, I have previously been referring to it as the Fashionista Set.  But a proper post deserves a proper name, and seeing Solaes standing at the ready, prepared to fight, I recalled her former self, from my time on Dark Age of Camelot.  There Solaes was a Berserker, and so in a tribute to that, I deem this the Berserker Set.

~ Effy

Solaes' former incarnation - the Berserker, in her Berserking (AKA Teddy Bear) Form

And on that note, Solaes and I bid you adieu.


  1. Very nice 🙂

    The overall look is pretty without being OTT or pandering to the fanboys too much. I will have to hunt out something similar in a greeny colour for my resto spec.

    • The Cabalist set has a green pair of siblings, though I have found them harder to get my hands on through the AH. The Jadefire and Keeper’s Sets. I know there is a green feathered headpiece, but it is eluding me at the moment – Tracker’s? Yah, that is it.

      I love how Druid-y the headpiece is. 🙂 And it comes in more colors too. I have a blue one someplace…

      ~ Effy

  2. I like it!

    • Thanks, Cynwise! It is definitely one of my favorite outfits!

      ~ Effy

  3. A lovely druidy outfit. Since my first character was a Night Elf and looked bad in her hat I turned helm display off for all my characters. I now see that there are some lovely hats to be had. I might even be wearing one and not even know it! I love that Wolf Rider’s Headgear.

    • Agreed… there are a lot of bad hats in WoW. Finding the good ones takes some effort. I think the main reason I find most hats detestable is that they make my character look bald. If I could wear a leather cap or a plate helmet that still showed my character’s hair, it might not be so bad. Alas, I am stuck with either hiding helm, using fancy headbands (such as this one or some of the attractive mail headpieces like the Brigade Circlet), finding glowy halos, or using hoods (which still cover all the hair, but at least make sense in doing so).

      I like the Wolf Rider’s Headgear because it has several color options… The orange one I used for Nitrotism’s set, a green (Tracker’s) and a blue (ahha! the Whisperwind Headdress, it is BoP from Razorfen Kraul). I was actually inspired when I purchased the BoA leather Preened Tribal War Feathers for my baby Druid.

      ~ Effy

  4. I thought this set looked pretty nifty on Toggle, but it looks even more stunning on Solaes!

    • Yah, I think it looks quite good on her. I have had a couple guildies mention it is “skimpy” but I think it fits a Night Elf. It has a slight “native” feel to it, but still a hint of fantasy.

      ~ Effy

  5. Effy, I have been playing around with the green set of that for my entry, but I have decided those things look better on Night elves! You look very nice in red!

    Oh and I am still hunting for my red shoulders!

    • I am very glad to hear you are down to one more piece! I definitely look forward to seeing a pic of you in it on your Blog! 😀

      Oh no, do not let Solaes stop you! I think Tauren are the other best race for a similar outfit! Feathers and loin cloths, you do not get more “native” than that. I would love to see Navi in a similar set in green!

      We can be sisters from another mother. hehe 😉

      ~ Effy


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