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2012 in 2012: March Update

Happy Monday!  It is now April, and that means another 2012 in 2012 update!

Current Levels

Character Name Server Level
Effraeti Elune 85
Caeridwen Elune 85
Vaadaree Elune 85
Lycaohn Elune 82
Rosælyn Elune 54
Tøggle Elune 30
Aerora Elune 22
Gæladrial Elune 14
Amaeris Elune 13
Brizaeyl Elune 10
Effræti Elune 28
Sifaol Elune 85
Lazheward Elune 85
Solaes Elune 85
Skeiron Elune 40
Æthelwúlf Elune 40
Ahyzrael Elune 24
Kiiræ Elune 56
Maeyv Elune 10
Piotr Elune 0
Azzurro Eonar 62
Rosaelyn Eonar 54
Gizmø Eonar 0
Aerora Eonar 82
Maeyv Eonar 62
Duergar Eonar 0
Vianessa Eonar 47
Gwaehiir Eonar 0
Raeviin Eonar 10
Mortímer Eonar 0
Wídget Eonar 0
Klænk Eonar 0
Caerise Eonar 20
Sahmul Eonar 0
Atabey Eonar 11
Grenduhl Eonar 0
Zaerja Eonar 10
Lharz Eonar 8
Ironeffy Earthen Ring 25
Ironlaz Earthen Ring 0
Brizaeyl Wyrmrest Accord 78
Amaeris Wyrmrest Accord 35
Rosaelyn Wyrmrest Accord 30
Vaadaree Wyrmrest Accord 70
Gaeladrial Wyrmrest Accord 40
Skeiron Wyrmrest Accord 28
Lazheward Argent Dawn 6
Effraeti Argent Dawn 6
Toggel Aerie Peak 11
Wingnuht Aerie Peak 10
Total: 1638

Running Total

1638/2012 Levels

Levels gained since February’s update: 113!

Left to go: 374 (approximately 42 levels/month)


I did more leveling this month than I originally thought.  Though, I suppose I have lots of little toons to level, so that I have my bases covered as far as classes and races.  The bad part is, other than transmogging, I am having difficulty quantifying where my month went, since it went less into leveling than last month.  Of course, there is about a week in there where we can probably call both WoW and my Blog a wash.  heh  😛

Listed below I have the toons that affected my total in a negative manner.

Characters Restarted


  • Leveled to 13 as a Mage last month
  • Restarted as a Druid and Leveled to 14

Lharz (DK)

  • Leveled to 58 (8 that count) last month
  • Restarted because I switched him to the other account and Leveled to 58 (8 that count)

Total Levels Lost: 21 Levels

Adjusted Levels Earned for March: 134!

Characters (Alphabetical)

April Fool’s Day is one of the most amusing days of the year for one who is a fan of Blizzard products.  April Fool’s Day is historically the source of many tongue-in-cheek patch notes.  One such April Fool’s was the original introduction of the Pandaren, which are now the newest race being introduced in Mists of Pandaria.  Last year, Blizzard “introduced” Crabby, the Dungeon Helper, a small Flash incarnation of the big guy, Ghostcrawler.  Crabby was introduced as a new in-game helper, similar to the Paperclip of Microsoft’s Office Suite – and just as annoying!

Well, Crabby is back this year, and since he is giving a limited time appearance, I decided to let him present my characters this month.  He has some opinions, some insights, and some hats…

Aerora -Leveled my Draenei Paladin from 13 to 22, with BoAs.  Aerora I am leveling as Prot, because that is the fun spec, especially while leveling.

Thankfully, Aerora was a much more stable character in March than she was in February.  I did not do too much leveling with her, but it was smooth.  At the moment, she is making her way through Darkshore, and she is now friendly with all the kitty cats of the forest.  🙂

Æthelwúlf – Leveled my Worgen Warlock from 33 to 40, with BoAs.  Æthelwúlf I am leveling as Demonlogy.

I now have my first ever Dreadsteed, the Level 40 Warlock mount!  He is so pretty!  Æthelwúlf had a fairly easy time of March.  Mostly, he leveled through Western Plaguelands, and made friends with the fledgling Druid, Zen’kiki.

Ahyzrael – Leveled my Dwarf Shaman from 18 to 24, without BoAs.  Ahyzrael I am leveling as Enhancement.

My mini Shaman did not get much attention this month, but she is still plugging along.  I am strongly considering getting her onto the BoAs bandwagon, simply out of laziness.  She is melee and very gear dependent it seems, and I hate running back after she dies.  lol  No Ironman for you, sorry, hun.

Amaeris – Leveled my Worgen Hunter from 1 to 13, without BoAs.  Amaeris I am leveling as Beast Mastery.

One of my story toons, Amaeris is part of the Wolfsbane family.  So generally, my goal is just to get her to Level 20.  I am also enjoying using her to put together outfits.  She currently still has her Mastiff, Junkyard, so as we all know, she is in need of a new pet

Atabey – Leveled my Troll Druid from 5 to 11, without BoAs.  Atabey I am leveling as Feral, at least for now.  I will make a more permanent choice in that if she ever goes past Level 20.

Trolls make extremely cool looking Druids.  Yes, that is my reason for having a Troll Druid, I am not afraid to admit it.  Atabey is now high enough to show up on the Armory and so she has gone back to being my Horde bank toon.

Brizaeyl – Leveled my Night Elf Priest from 1 to 10, without BoAs.  Brizaeyl I am leveling as Disc.  Woot!  Disc!

I cannot help having a Night Elf Priest for purely aesthetic purposes.  When I first started out on Wyrmrest Accord, I made Brizaeyl, and I have become attached to her.  I find it unfortunate that I have yet to fit her into a story, but I still plan to.

Caerise – Leveled my Blood Elf Priest from 1 to 20, without BoAs.  Caerise I am leveling as Disc.  Woot!  Disc!

At max level, Disc Priests are okie for soloing.  While leveling, though, it is awesome.  Solo, killing mobs, questing, rares, whatever… awesome.  Then, switch it up and jump into a dungeon, same spec, as a healer… awesome.  Add to that, as a Disc Priest with a tank that does not pull the entire dungeon at once, then I can keep myself occupied by DPSing – especially once I get Atonement.  OMG, best talent ever.

Gæladrial – Restarted and Leveled my Worgen Druid from 1 to 14, without BoAs.  Gæladrial I am leveling as Feral, at least for now.  It just seems easier at low levels.

Another story toon, Gael has recently restarted Children of Greyman on Elune.  Super happy about this!  I am not sure why her tabard is messed up in the Armory shot above.  :/  The unfortunate part is I already have Sifaol and Aethelwulf in UR, and I have not come to any decisions on whether to move them so I can keep the “family” together.  I am debating it heavily, but we shall see.

Kiiræ – Leveled my Draenei Mage from 40 to 56, with BoAs.  Kiiræ is now dual-spec’d – Fire and Arcane.  I am discovering Arcane is good regular, sustained damage, whereas Fire is good burst damage.

Mage leveling!  Kiiræ is zooming along, because I am having so much fun leveling her!  This month consisted of Western Plaguelands, Badlands (for like 10-15 quests, when I could not find anymore :/ ), Searing Gorge, Burning Steppes, and now Swamp of Sorrows.  She is steadily making her way towards Outlands!  Gogogo!

Lharz -Restarted and Leveled my Orc Death Knight from 55 to 58, without BoAs.  Lharz I am leveling as Unholy.  Orcs have a racial bonus for their pets, so it seems appropriate.

How can I not enjoy the heck out of playing a DK?  When I am nervous as all hell to play them as an actual DPS…  Scary.  Still working towards getting back to him now that he is out of the DK starting zone… again.

Lycaohn – Leveled my Worgen Rogue from 80 to 82, with some BoAs.  Lycaohn I am leveling as Subtlety.  Shadowstep is so fun and perfect for the lazy melee.

I finally dusted off my Rogue and started questing through Hyjal… again.  Blizzard, for crying out loud, make the rep items and Firelands stuff BoA already!!  My next step is Deepholm, which makes me want to throw stuff (and your welcome for the PG version of that).  I stopped playing my Rogue at Level 80, because apparently I am playing him wrong…  Hey, I do top DPS in dungeons, I kill stuff more than I am killed in PvP, and I solo just FINE.  So how is that playing wrong?  I think in a stubborn response to that is why my Rogue is currently using a dagger and a MACE.  ha!

Maeyv – Leveled my Human Mage from 1 to 10, without BoAs.  Maeyv I am leveling as Arcane so far.

Another story character means my goal for Maeyv is Level 20… eventually.  Considering I have Sifaol to be Maeyv’s stunt double, and I have another Mage in Kiirae, I do not see Maeyv leveling very fast.  In fact, I probably could have stuck with just my Maeyv on WRA.  <shrug>

Skeiron – Leveled my Night Elf Hunter from 36 to 40, with BoAs.  Skeiron I am leveling as Beast Mastery.

The most exciting two things for Skeiron this month?  Hitting Level 40, and taming Morrighan!

Crabby Crabby is crabby!

Tøggle – Leveled my Gnome Warrior from 28 to 30, without BoAs.  Tøggle I am leveling as Arms.

I did not spend much time with Tøggle this month.  She is currently floating around in Arathi Highlands, and spent more of this month posing for me then actually adventuring.  She has been smacking around some members of the Syndicate, though.

Vianessa – Leveled my Tauren Pally from 40 to 47, without BoAs.  Vianessa is now dual-spec’d – Retribution and Protection.  I wanted her to have a Holy spec, but tanking dungeons will definitely make things quicker.

My Tauren delved into some dungeons in March, which made it necessary for her to gain a second spec.  She has also spent some time in Tanaris, and has started to become acquainted with the Silithid.

In Conclusion

At least one of each race – check x2

At least two of each class – check

All my 2012 characters to at least 10 – Work in Progress

All my story characters to at least 20 – Work in Progress

~ Effy

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